Kemi Afolabi: I’m Not Dating Odunlade Adekola, He Is My Husband’s Best Friend

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April 14, 2016 – Kemi Afolabi: I’m Not Dating Odunlade Adekola, He Is My Husband’s Best Friend

In an exclusive chat with Encomium Weekly, Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi cleared her name from the league of addresses rumoured to be in hot romance with alleged Nollywood ladies man, Odunlade Adekola.

Hear what the actress said about her relationship with Odunlade Adekola:

“My husband and Odunlade Adekola have a cordial relationship because it’s been a long time. Please leave the gentleman alone. He’s happily married. He’s someone I respect. Odunlade is one of those people who encouraged me when I came back. When I was back, I had to take a queue. But he was one of those people who picked me up and encouraged me.

He said he knew I had the talent and he believe in me. And he gave me so many chances, okay, who knows now, maybe it’s because of what –people have been saying that I have not even got a call from him to invite me for job. And I know he has been working, not that he’s not working. People should not just breakup our friendship.

He’s a very good friend of mine but the media has been able to separate us. And there is this notion about Nigerians or Africans as a whole. When you play a character in a movie very well and strictly by the script, they tend to quickly jump into a kind of conclusion, ‘Oh! These two people are wonderful. The chemistry is so good in acting, there are some people that when you are on set with, they carry you along they make the job so simple and so easy. Odunlade Adekola falls into that category. So, people should just find out what’s truly going on instead of unnecessary insinuations.

Odun is just one of those people I really adore in the industry. He is someone I know believes in my acting prowess.”

kemi afolabi husbandKemi Afolabi’s husband

Contrary to Kemi Afolabi’s epistle, insiders are still claiming that she once dated Odunlade Adekola and when his wife started noticing their deep connection, he informed the actor’s mother who in turn warned him to cut off any unholy relationship he has with any other woman.

odunlade adekola mother

At a point, we learnt the actor stopped featuring Kemi Afolabi in his movies.

18 thoughts on “Kemi Afolabi: I’m Not Dating Odunlade Adekola, He Is My Husband’s Best Friend

  1. I don’t recognise which talent Kemi Afolabi has to warrant her being in all Odunlade’s films

  2. i believe you once dated him cos you yeyebrities are professional liars. afteral Odunade has dated Taiwo before and would have denied it if the lady herself was not brave enough to admit it in public. and now the guy has joined you girls in bleaching . someone should please tell him to desist from bleaching, its not good for ladies talkless of men.

  3. Whether you are dating him or not, will tell us the truth? Leave matter for marthias ok. We know all these things

  4. I don’t know Ur wahala wit another person’ s life, don’t u av work? Everybody av his/her life 2 live. Mind Ur business plz.

  5. dat was how it all started the with Taiwo Aromokan if u guys can still remember. she also said dat dey are not dating b4 she later shed d light dat dey are dating each oda, now is Kemi Afolabi dat is really gud. dat is d nature of deir job

  6. anyway if you are dating him or not is non of my business but remember you have your own family which you are happy with them but be careful not to destroy your happy home(Iwo lomo)

  7. Please leave her alone! Watch Oyenusi and ask yourself if another actress could have played the role better because she is a good actress and articulate et al. Envy is traceable here because of the London connection which sparked jealousy! Kemi be ware and focus on your marriage. I wish you twins or triplets next! Amen!

  8. Pls Leave Them Alone Dat Is What We Called Celebrities,u People Are Soo Jealous And If U Are Not,so Let Them Be.

  9. Whether they ar dating or is not our business.they ar doing great so y should we continue disturbing them?i can`t say bad things about them because i too want to become a celebrity in future like kemi afolabi and dont want anybody to talk about me.busy bodies mind ur business.if u want to become a great person in life,dont find a downfall of great people becos u people ar responsible for some celebrities broken marriage due to rumours that ar not true.

  10. lets liv all doz celebrities alone and eager to b more beta dan dem not in bad stories but in great achievements

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