Kemi Olunloyo Calls Dayo Amusa A Nollywood Prostitute, Vows To Expose Her Secrets

kemi olunloyo dayo amusa prostitute

June 14, 2016 – Kemi Olunloyo Calls Dayo Amusa A Nollywood Prostitute, Vows To Expose Her Secrets

Ex-Oyo State Governor’s daughter Kemi Olunloyo took up Dayo Amusa today for supporting veteran Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko.

Check out their Instagram rants below

Some bloggers too get time for wahala.

A note to Dayo Amusa: Don’t underestimate the power of negative bloggers. They can spoil your reputation in a blink of an eye.

It will be wise for Naija Bloggers to channel their energy in the right direction.

Of what use is all this tantrum for crying out loud.

Kemi Olunloyo should also take a chill pill. Her own too much..

14 thoughts on “Kemi Olunloyo Calls Dayo Amusa A Nollywood Prostitute, Vows To Expose Her Secrets

  1. this woman doesn’t she have husband kids to take care instead of for seeking attention na wa oooooo.

  2. Kemi Olunloyo or whatever, do you think your surname still carry weight in Nigeria? Definitely NO and stop living on past glory, you stop attacking people because of your frustrated life. Stupid mad woman

  3. her own is not just too much, she trying to create relevance for herself…she is too old for all these nonsense… just wants fame by any means necessary,…kemi Olunloyo is an old fool that needs to be ignored really..same rubbish she did in canada snitching on her own ppl before they worked her deportation for her…

  4. Kemi Olunloyo is nothing but an old fool. Haa, which one be her own? She too do abeg! I don’t think she’s got something meaningful doing with her time. She’s always picking on people. When would she ever mind her business? Kemi vs Dayo I tire ooooo


  6. It’s about time the Olunloyo family get the right treatment for their daughter/family member. Kemi has been bad-mouthing too many people, including her father’s wife – Ronke. This lady clearly has psychiatric issues, so please stop publishing her rantings and insults on people. You are adding fuel to the fire by doing so. As for Dayo Amusa, channel your energy elsewhere, just ignore her. Everything that has a beginning, surely comes to an end.

  7. Kemi try and channel ur energy more on improving ur life and stop medling into other peoples lives. Enough of all dis attention seeking tactics.

  8. This old bitch again? you have no respect for humanity look if you have strength use it in a positive way not to tarnish peoples images, to be factual with you, you are just getting worst day by day the way you caries yourself all this can only gives you bad reputation, attention seeker.

  9. kemi mumu oshi, old cargo go and die, you are nothing but an empty barrel.

    Dayo you should know that silence is the best answer to a FOOL and that is what she is.

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