Kunle Afolayan Alleged Mistress, Baby Mama Says Actor Abandons Secret Love Child In UK

July 26, 2016 – Kunle Afolayan Alleged Mistress, Baby Mama Says Actor Abandons Secret Child Daughter In The UK

By NaijaGists.com

A black and beautiful lady based in the UK who claimed she is from Haiti just dropped a bombshell on NaijaGists.com official email.

The lady who identified herself as Comfort alleged that Kunle Afolayan is the father of her 23 month old baby girl.

She promises to furnish us with more details before the end of the week.

On why she is exposing him this late, the black and beauty alleged that the scandal free Nigerian actor has abandoned her and her child.

We have forwarded the email to the Kunle Afolayan, we awaits his own side of the unfolding drama soon.

Hope the actor will come out on time to admit or debunk this emerging threat to his booming career.

In this absence of bad bellerism, this might be a disaster waiting to happen.

Stay in touch as this drama unfolds. Trust NG to bring you more details.

8 thoughts on “Kunle Afolayan Alleged Mistress, Baby Mama Says Actor Abandons Secret Love Child In UK

  1. Is a lie wey she is lie upon Kunle. Kunle can not posibul to do am. Kunle is a pastors for Jihova Witnes. Pastor Kunle is not a foker of womens any how. He sabi style wey he is use to be fokabistic that woman weyris shout haaaaaaass and holeeeeeee up and down.

  2. Right now I can’t validate the truth of this matter until we hear from Kunle himself. This guy is a big icon in Nollywood. Apart from being an Actor this guy has produced couples of multi million Naira movies and sponsoring some Actors and Actresses out of the Country for movie production. You can check it up on YouTube where this guy picked different actors from different Countries boarding the same Flight to France. I knew from the beginning that this guy cannot escape women temptation. Even if he is not interested, women will always use their crooked way to penetrate him. My genuine advise for him if the allegation is true, is to accept this child and take up his responsibilities because he is a married man unless if he wants to follow his father’s footsteps by marring more than one wife. Some women are so naive even if they know you are married they wouldn’t leave you alone. All they will be saying is i love him! I love him!! forgotten about the consequence of being in lust.

  3. I pray that this will not be true. Am proud of this humble man and his beautiful wife. It is true that no one is above temptation but I trust him to make a good decision.

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