Lady Who Recorded Success Adegor Video Slams Her Parents For Refusing To Help Her After Nigerians Donated N5.5M

stephanie idolor

Lady Who Recorded Success Adegor’s Video Slams Her Parents For Refusing To Help Her After Nigerians Donated Over 5 Million

I recorded the video for fun – Stephanie Idolor

Not many have heard of the 23-year-old graduate of Public Administration from the Auchi Polytechnic, Stephanie, who made the trending viral video for entertainment.

Stephanie said she was shocked to discover the attention little Success had received since the video went viral on social media, adding that she never foresaw the goodwill the video could bring for the Adegors.

“My mum sent me on an errand and on my way, I saw Success grumbling and angry. She was complaining bitterly that they (school) sent her away from school when they were supposed to flog her. So, I recorded the video just for entertainment and not to put it on social media to raise money for her. If you notice in the video, she was walking away from me and that was where I ended the video.

“Thereafter, I posted the video on my WhatsApp status and people started asking for the video because it is funny. I also uploaded it on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. It was from there that it went viral.

“When I posted it on my Instagram, people started commenting and one of my friends (Joy) said she was going to talk to Instablog9ja to upload it for us. I called her (the friend) again to find out if Instablog9ja would post it but she said she didn’t know. I was even praying that they should post it.

“Few hours later when I checked, Instablog9ja had posted it but my friend was credited rather than me. I told her that she should have added my name so that the two of us would share the credit for the video. Nobody did that video for me. I did it myself. I was the one who posted it on my social media platform. No one should take glory for something I created,” she said.

Stephanie, however, added that as the initiator of the video, she had not received any support from anyone. She also appealed to Nigerians to give her a job, adding that like Success, many other children in the area have no money to attend school and therefore, also deserve the sympathy and goodwill of Nigerians.

“I’m very happy but when they suspended the head teacher of the school, I felt so bad because I didn’t do it to expose her or for anything like that. According to the head teacher, I taught Success what to say and, that is a ‘big lie’. Success is very sharp and can say what happened. I even have eyewitnesses who were passing by when I made the video.

“I didn’t teach her what to say. Although I felt bad when they suspended the head teacher but it wasn’t really my fault. I didn’t do the video to get anybody sacked or suspended. I did it just for fun. On the other hand, I feel happy because this little thing has gone viral and she has been receiving a lot of assistance and funds.”

She, however, criticised Success’ mother for allegedly hiding things from her since her daughter started getting famous.

“If you call Success’ mum now, she will tell you that the Sapele LGA chairman has given me money and that people should not give me any money. She told me that the money in her account was N700,000, not knowing that the money in the account was more than N5.3m, which good-hearted Nigerians have given them.

“That is why I am angry with her. I didn’t tell her I wanted to share the money 50/50 with her. She should have told me the truth. I don’t really understand why she was hiding everything from me. She told me that she would give me N400,000 from the N700,000. I didn’t do the video because of money but since money is coming out of it, I should be carried along, rather, she started hiding everything from me.

“My parents have asked me to forget about it. I even promised to help Success speak English and dress better. The local government chairman said if they don’t want to give me money, I should forget about it but it is not supposed to be like that. They were not even sure of getting N100,000 all through the year but now that they are swimming in millions, they want to give me N400,000. I have decided to leave the money with them.

“The LG chairman has said I should summit my CV, which I have done. If I don’t get a call from the local government, I will have nothing to show for my efforts. I believe my helper will come. I am a graduate. As we speak to you now, I don’t have a dime on me. I think she’s being greedy, but my parents have advised me to leave the money issue,” she said.

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144 thoughts on “Lady Who Recorded Success Adegor Video Slams Her Parents For Refusing To Help Her After Nigerians Donated N5.5M

  1. My dear…
    In the first place, I must thank you for making this video.. Although you made it for entertainment, void of any return..but then, God has Proven Himself from making something out of nothing.. As for the Success’s mother and your friend who have sidelined you from the success and favour you initiated, I will urge you to let go, but heaven knows you have helped in making a better future for the girl. I so believe that your own helper will surface ..People are greedy and selfish, and pains much when it is done over things they did not work for. Their high level of Antipathy is so unimaginable. Just move on with life, at the back of the tunnel, there will be light.

    • You spoke my mind. Move on my dear let God alone reward you, his reward is more than that 400k or anything they will grumbly give you. Yours to me is bigger. I pray God send his divine helper to help you also keep an eye on that girl for you are her role model for life.

  2. Is an act of goodwill to engage Success in the video.

    If money comes falling in, the parents of the girl Success should have done the needful at least 25% cut for your creativity.
    May be they restrain the actual amount pouring into their account from public domain for their child’s safety (kidnappers) and security.
    Keep your finger crossed, whatsoever they pay into your account thank God for his benefit and move on. No grudges or hassles!

    • I personally like this your comment and it may be true of the situation, at times only one persons’ thinking and actions looks very incomplete

  3. Don’t worry,you will definitely be rewarded one way or another. There is nothing one does in life that has no reward. Whether good or evil. Just like success your own story will soon be successful.

  4. That is too bad. Why the greed? If not for this lady’s, will they be where they are today? Very bad of them.

  5. Stephanie good morning. I thank you for the wonderful job you did, not only for Success, but for Delta state because we are going to start holding that government more accountable now. I do not believe that your ‘reward is in heaven’, you played the most important role in this matter and need to be recognised, even by the state government. Your friend even betrayed you! Habba! Such is life. However, take to the piece of advise of your parents and I know that God who is most merciful will surely BLESS you.

    • That is human being for u, wen it comes to money d stories change that is why they say money is d root of all evil. Don’t worry God will surely answer ur prayers 1 day.

  6. I suggest you just focus on getting a job for yourself. Listen to your parents and forget about money! Money issue has always been the problem with Africans. Be happy and proud that help came to that family through you and one day yours will come.

  7. Leave everything in the✋ of God. God will see you through. God will make you great for sure. You will be even greater than you think. Do not regret ever making the video or posting it on social media. Take my word, God’s blessings must surely locate you in due time in Jesus mighty name amen ?

  8. if the parents of the school girl success fail to help u and u ve try to reach them, don’t worry God will reward you mark my word,God of success is also ur God.

  9. My sister ur helper will come from thy Lord who made heaven and earth. I feel ur plight, u did d video as spiritual help for little success, and u never knew it will blossom. Success parents would still be in d same square if not for ur video. There are mystical mysteries about dis whole issue. Relaxe, God works in so many unpredicted ways. Maybe success parents want to hide account details bcus so many eyes or been greedy, but whatever just be happy u made a star out of little success.

  10. Look ehnnn destiny helpers must not be some kind of millionaire, billionaire or highly positioned persons like we think ooo… sometimes it could be someone you are even better than at the moment.

    As far as I am concerned the lady that did the video is Success entire family’s destiny helper ’cause without her none of these money, popularity and all they are enjoying now would have happened.

    Fairness is for the family to give this lady 40% of all the “proceeds” gotten from this whole Success successes.

  11. Tell Stephanie Idolor that she should create her facebook page. Let her be active on facebook. Allot of persons want to celebrate her. Stop looking within. Look outside Sapele. Opportunities abound. U are already a celebrity.

  12. Stephnie dont worry, God has made that way for you to be the channel of blessing to baby Success, you own brakethrough is arround the conner, just get ready.
    Dont complain if Success’s parent did not recognise, show gratitude and appreciate you dont bother riether be grateful to God for using you as an instrumental to lift the little child from nobody to somebody, God will suprise you.

  13. U really did a commendable job and many public spirited Nigerians are happy about it,though according to you,it was intended for fun.
    The parents of Success and your friend are being unfair to you,if your claims are true(which I believe they are),but not to worry,God Almighty will definitely reward you in multifarious ways.Tnx a lot.

  14. File for copyright on the video via youtube and all revenue generated on the video would be given to you, they stole your intellectual property, learn from this.

    Don’t just give things out, open youtube account and share your video there, also learn to write proper and give right credit where its due.

  15. Babe don’t worry because you surely have a reward which is never going to come from them. You will never know the time nor date just keep doing what you are doing. Give a man money you will know the real man

  16. I’m happy the parents refused to give you a dime so when God remebers you, none would share His glory with Him. God would lift you higher than you expect . You will see. Be happy and leave them alone

  17. Well is really unfortunate, but I blame dat ur friend dat had to take it to blick9ja, u deserve to b rewarded, if not for u, success wouldn’t have bin known, n success parents also r greedy

  18. Thank You so much for your creativity. The little finger that wiped your tears in days of challenges and struggles is worth more than the thousands of hands that applaud you in your success. It’s amazing how people easily forget that little finger. The same God that gave you that creative ability will also give you a nice job. Am really touched by your story. You’re the real hero.

  19. With this comments from well wishers is evident that, Miss. STEPHANIE IDOLOR you have 90% support. I assure you, by the grace of GOD” Almighty. Soon the same Nigeria’s will surprise you. NOTE: GOD” intervention will only come when you remain calm like this….

  20. Let’s be sincere here,at first ,it was wrong of her to video someone else’s child without the parent permission. She went ahead and put it online,exposing the parent inability to cater for their child. How could she bring a private issue to be ridiculed.she made that video with no good intentions. But God being who he is used it to bless the family. The parent owe her nothing. But out of goodwill can still help her. Let’s call a spade a spade. It was very wrong of you to have exposed success to the world just for fun ,not minding she was in pain at that point.

  21. Welldone Stephanie, the head teacher should under stand that it was just a co-incident, But why will Delta state gorvernment suspend the head teacher now that thier negligence attitude has been revealed, was she the cause of delapidation on the school building?
    If the gorvernment had done thier part proactively they would’nt have found themselve in this shame. she was accused of ilegal colection levies from school pupil, she may have been doing that to reduse the damage on the school files, because she did complain of the roof leaking when it rains and get the files damaged.

    they should acept their fault and and recall the woman back,

  22. Dearly sis,
    Please on my accord, take the #400,000 that was given to you. This whole glory is for success. Your own time will surely come. Dont expect to share the glory with the little girl. The video was made for fun but God turned it to blessing. Please dont desire for more. Allow the family to give you what they deem fit and comfortable for them to give . it is purely their time to shine.

    Please all this rant of them not giving u 25% or 30% is quite irritating, if I did the video, and was given such amount of #400,000k I will gladly take it because there was no mutual agreement on what will be ur portion , moreso, they dont have to disclose the girl identity and amount recieved, to avoid being kidnapped as we all know the evil world we are now.

    Please , do good to be happy for her shinning and leave it to God to bless u at ur own time.
    Thanks . ur anger and speech here only show our natural human weakness of wanting for more. Please stop the ranting.

  23. I hope Stephanie is not married and this post is duly reaching her…. I have been looking for you. Jokes apart… Let’s talk. My facebook account is Esu WhytBack Kingsley

  24. My dear… Don’t bother yourself about the money, nobody can explain how God operates, you have played your part as human that you are, God has used you to change their story, you don’t know what God and nature has in-stock for you, …i have been following the success story of little success and have been so disappointed how the genesis of the whole story has not been recognized …but God has recognized you already. No matter who they become tomorrow, God is aware you are the link to their success …if her mother decides not to even talk with you again, don’t worry, your time will come ..God will surprise you.
    When it comes to money most human beings are terrible …they make new friends n forget those with them in times of emptiness. You have done your part, let God do his own part. Forget them for now and watch. Your efforts will never be for nothing.

  25. My dear, because of what you have will go places. I am a daughter of God pronouncing this huge prophecy on you. You will soar from this tears to unimaginable success beyond Success. God is just testing your faith. Trust God, he never fails on those whose hearts are honest and innocent. You re bless dear

  26. A hell are people even talking about…. Without this girl, there will be no success and without her all the fun entertainment the good thing s going to the school itself will not be there…. She made that video, ask questions to that made that girl answer it in a funny brave manner and that’s why all of us are watching that video..and if money worth millions are coming out from that video…. It should be 50/50…and anybody advising u to forget the money should go to hell and burn to ashes

  27. It is unfortunate that some people are greedy and selfish to this extent. What will it remove from you to give the young lady at least #1,000,000 absolutely nothing!

  28. That’s human being for you when money is involved they will forget your good work. Don’t let them go they must give you your own share of the money is your right that’s why when I see some poor people I don’t pitty for them because Hod knows the kind if greedy heart they have that’s why money is running away from them that woman supposed to give you at Les 1:5 million for your good work now when people see this write up now they will start regretting why they help the poor girl, people are greedy something that she didn’t even work for now she’s finding it dificult to give you your own share of the money black people with greediness

  29. Probably she made the video just to expose the level of penury in that little girls family so that they could become subject of mockery but out of nothing God created something.

    Whether, they give u money or not, cross check your heart and flash back to your initial aim or crux of the video if your initial aim of the video was for mockery, u won’t be blessed but if it’s to seek for financial assistance for the girl u will be rewarded immensely.
    let God decide

  30. Just ignore them if they reguwe to give you a share of the money. God will bring your own helper..that’s human for you.

  31. My,dear u dont even need to ask bfor dey,wil share with u… dey are stingy….apart frm dat dey want to offer u 400k dat u did not work for u sd have been contended with that knowing fully ur recording is not for money purpose but for fun……..wat sd be ur prayer is that as u help success to be successful someone to locate u and help u simple…….have a nice day and I pray u get a good job…..if it were to b oder side for success wil u say u want to share frm er pain…..lets be realistic…….if one do a favour u dnt need to ask for rewards.

  32. Hi Stephanie just move on with life, do not regret anything about the video, believe in God and u will see him do wonders in ur life.

  33. Stephanie,you’re an angel,yourself.
    Never mind how it seems to be ending in such saga part of the beautiful story you trended.
    It’s much painful to know that a monkey saved from the pit hole is not grateful & sincere to his saviour.
    God has got His eyes on you.
    Never grin nor sobber.
    God gat ur back.
    Yet,inbox me on Facebook so we get to talk more.

  34. You have tried dear, but you also appear greedy too. If they want to give you 400k why are you not taking it ? Why are you expecting more? Have you not ate red your own school and graduated? The monies sent to her parents is supposed to be used for her school till university level? Do you think 5.5million will be enough for that? You want them to hive you the whole money? Haba

  35. Stephanie Idolor you’ve done a good job. You have touched a life positively. At least you should be proud of being the cause of many changes in the life of Success…in the life of that primary school which will soon be renovated and upgraded…. In the life of the remaining students of that school who would be enjoying the better welfare from now.
    Your good deed would never go unrewarded by God, though it may not come from Success parent….But Am optimistic that you will soon be compensated by God.
    Well-done mayu be blessed.

  36. Nawao… Nigerians with this mentality of reaping from helping you. When you help someone with no intention of getting anything in return, but doing your bit for God and humanity, then you’ll get your reward from God through someone else and in another dimension.
    Nigerians always want to “… Ba eniyan la owo epo…”
    Those that have helped you from the inception of your life till date, how many have you given a “cut” to?
    If danger had come to the said Success through that video of a minor you recorded without the guardians/parents’ consent, I’m sure you’d have disappeared into the thin air and even thoroughly curse anyone who associated you with it. But things turned out the other way round and you’re complaining of not getting a cut. You are the greedy one here and not Success’ parents.
    Nigerians let’s learn to do good selflessly and watch God send selfless helpers our way.
    This attitude of… I helped you get to where you are, you must give me a cut of your success… and in a blackmailing manner too, of black people should stop… How many of your destiny helpers will you give a cut to? God helps you to help others. No one should be blackmailed into giving out something for help received. This is one major cause of diabolic activities in Africa today. I helped my uncle’s children, they didn’t help me, babalawo, make them die. Let him become wretched… Ha… Africans make una fear God o!
    Come to think of it, the lady might have done the video to ridicule the poor girl and her family but God had other plans.
    If your intentions of making that video were honourable, help Will come your way through another source, if Success’ parents do not help you. But if not, let God do justice accordingly. But please stop blackmailing the family; it will not lift you up if God is not yet ready to.

  37. well,if the money is up to that amount then some fraction should be given to the lady that recorded the whole thing..Greed is bad

  38. Am so much amazed of this video, i watch it over and over again. I also thought of stephanie new discovery with success to start new collaboration on comedy vibes so as build success to a greater level also its a breakthrough for both stephanie and success. Please let someone come in to harmonize both of them for someone good to come out of this, people who are close to success parents should work up to them so that there can be continue in their collaboration other wise the talent in both of them will be collapse, God has brought them together for a purpose .i want to beg success parents not to be greedy because this is just d starting point of d game and without stephanie, success can not be known for that scene even the whole teachers of the school continue to flog her for her life time.please stephanie, I wish you success and i enjoyed u both. Am waiting to see another episode of ur video, am AWESU GAFAR SEWANU from Badagry

  39. Definitely your reward will surely get back to you. You’ve allowed yourself to be used for a positive & worthwhile course either consciously or unconsciously! Just wait & see how God in His infinite Mercy will visit you. Don’t mind their greed!, because that’s one of the national problem! Be courageous!

  40. I felt for this lady while reading this post ? and am very sure the parents of the so call girl supposed to hv given her something after all is someone God wll sent to help u. Kindly give to her what belong to her.

  41. God will reward you with something very special
    Even long life is a reward
    Not only materials things
    Because once life is
    I give you hope and success assurance

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