Lady Who Recorded Success Adegor Video Slams Her Parents For Refusing To Help Her After Nigerians Donated N5.5M

stephanie idolor

Lady Who Recorded Success Adegor’s Video Slams Her Parents For Refusing To Help Her After Nigerians Donated Over 5 Million

I recorded the video for fun – Stephanie Idolor

Not many have heard of the 23-year-old graduate of Public Administration from the Auchi Polytechnic, Stephanie, who made the trending viral video for entertainment.

Stephanie said she was shocked to discover the attention little Success had received since the video went viral on social media, adding that she never foresaw the goodwill the video could bring for the Adegors.

“My mum sent me on an errand and on my way, I saw Success grumbling and angry. She was complaining bitterly that they (school) sent her away from school when they were supposed to flog her. So, I recorded the video just for entertainment and not to put it on social media to raise money for her. If you notice in the video, she was walking away from me and that was where I ended the video.

“Thereafter, I posted the video on my WhatsApp status and people started asking for the video because it is funny. I also uploaded it on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. It was from there that it went viral.

“When I posted it on my Instagram, people started commenting and one of my friends (Joy) said she was going to talk to Instablog9ja to upload it for us. I called her (the friend) again to find out if Instablog9ja would post it but she said she didn’t know. I was even praying that they should post it.

“Few hours later when I checked, Instablog9ja had posted it but my friend was credited rather than me. I told her that she should have added my name so that the two of us would share the credit for the video. Nobody did that video for me. I did it myself. I was the one who posted it on my social media platform. No one should take glory for something I created,” she said.

Stephanie, however, added that as the initiator of the video, she had not received any support from anyone. She also appealed to Nigerians to give her a job, adding that like Success, many other children in the area have no money to attend school and therefore, also deserve the sympathy and goodwill of Nigerians.

“I’m very happy but when they suspended the head teacher of the school, I felt so bad because I didn’t do it to expose her or for anything like that. According to the head teacher, I taught Success what to say and, that is a ‘big lie’. Success is very sharp and can say what happened. I even have eyewitnesses who were passing by when I made the video.

“I didn’t teach her what to say. Although I felt bad when they suspended the head teacher but it wasn’t really my fault. I didn’t do the video to get anybody sacked or suspended. I did it just for fun. On the other hand, I feel happy because this little thing has gone viral and she has been receiving a lot of assistance and funds.”

She, however, criticised Success’ mother for allegedly hiding things from her since her daughter started getting famous.

“If you call Success’ mum now, she will tell you that the Sapele LGA chairman has given me money and that people should not give me any money. She told me that the money in her account was N700,000, not knowing that the money in the account was more than N5.3m, which good-hearted Nigerians have given them.

“That is why I am angry with her. I didn’t tell her I wanted to share the money 50/50 with her. She should have told me the truth. I don’t really understand why she was hiding everything from me. She told me that she would give me N400,000 from the N700,000. I didn’t do the video because of money but since money is coming out of it, I should be carried along, rather, she started hiding everything from me.

“My parents have asked me to forget about it. I even promised to help Success speak English and dress better. The local government chairman said if they don’t want to give me money, I should forget about it but it is not supposed to be like that. They were not even sure of getting N100,000 all through the year but now that they are swimming in millions, they want to give me N400,000. I have decided to leave the money with them.

“The LG chairman has said I should summit my CV, which I have done. If I don’t get a call from the local government, I will have nothing to show for my efforts. I believe my helper will come. I am a graduate. As we speak to you now, I don’t have a dime on me. I think she’s being greedy, but my parents have advised me to leave the money issue,” she said.

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144 thoughts on “Lady Who Recorded Success Adegor Video Slams Her Parents For Refusing To Help Her After Nigerians Donated N5.5M

  1. My big sister, just keep hope alive, the God that use you as a good sample to Success, we surely bring good to your own life too.Please, just try and obey your parents that said you should forget the issue about not given you anything from what they received from the people as gifts, try and near more to your God by prayer and see what you will get at the end, thanks.

  2. You have told your story with honesty
    Believe me you will also have your reward
    Somebody someday will help you beyond your imagination for this you have done
    Forget about the money dear God bless you

  3. Just move on, ur ? is a moving one, as someone is being recognized through u, so u shall be recognized through somebody, let go off ? for now be focused.

  4. Good deeds needs to b rewarded,but our people always prefer to b selfish and that’s why there is so much evil in africa.success parents are suppose to give you something but if they fail to do the needful ,I believe the all knowing God will prove himself .

  5. Awwwww i feel your pains…. But God has a better way to bless u if the mother has refused to show appreciation…. Afteral not in her 10th generation did she feel this great opportunity will come… Today it came through u and she feel its her right… No problem just trust God he’ll surely put a smile on your face…. And as for that your friend, she’s selfish…. This one has taught u a lesson… Watch out for new you too and remember me in ur queendom *smiles*

  6. Stephanie dear you’re lovely and has a lovely parents, just heed to their advice, and don’t forget this words from the only holy book of God on earth the Bible which says that, And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Galatians 6 vs 9–10. And another portion says that, Whosoever rewarded evil ? for good done on them, evil ? shall not depart from their house/life. Proverbs 17 vs 13.

  7. Hey!
    That’s human being for you, remember that God has used you to actualise the girl’s destiny in life.

    You should be forever happy that it came from you not minding those reaping from where they didn’t sow.

    God will open doors for you too, and your helper will locate you.

    Don’t feel bad about it, remember the story where 10 lepers were cleanse, how many came back to appreciate Jesus, just one.

    That’s the typical humans for you.

    Wishing you best luck

  8. Why are you expecting a reward for a good deed. You didnt know it will explode. It couldnt have gone bad also. Focus on you and move on. Your life is not dependent on success and her fame.

  9. You wanted to make fun with somebody’s minor, right? But the game inverted and you want to be carried along as a business partner now.
    If you had succeeded in making caricature of the little girl, she would have grown blaming the parent for her entire life woes.

    • Obi,
      Just listen to yourself, I think, it’s you who have a dubious mind. Watch and analyse that video very well, you’ll find out that what this young girl who recorded it, said is true.
      We always try to plant evel where there’s none

  10. Never regret what your little gesture has produced. Appreciate God for making you a channel of blessings to this little girl. Move on with confidence for God will surely visits you.

  11. It is always like that with humans. Don’t worry dear everything will be fine. God will reward u dearly.

  12. God knows the need to reward you…..haba why are people greedy……take heart your own would be double!

  13. My dear sister, God used you to elevate the status of Success and her parents. Yours will surely come big. I strongly believe your governor is watching and just taking his time looking for what sooths you best. Good luck.

  14. #400,000 is enough to start some thing meaningful for you. Collect it and stop being greedy. I started life with just #120,000.

    What do you mean by saying that you are not being carried along. Is the donation for you. If i hear that you were given a dine from the success’ s account i wont send in my money again.

    You want success to start generating money for you.

    Look at mouth.

    Go and look for and stop making noise here.

  15. Go to Lagos …go get a job as sn investigative correspondent.Arise tv or Channels etc Will be too Happy to train and employ Your natural gift . You asked all the right questions . Do not collect a dime from the parents . That Is beneath What your video Is worth !

  16. But shaa the parents las las are greedy people. But if they are willing to give u 400k collect my dear and focus on getting a job. Good luck

  17. If they don’t show gratitude by reasonably giving you money,they are evil and very ungrateful. Don’t stop asking,keep asking untill they give you something reasonable. But don’t be greedy yourself. 500k atleast.

  18. This is so pathetic, how can people be this greed. Stephanie don’t worry your destiny changer will locate you soon, just believe God. All is well

  19. All i have to say is that you should not be thinking of whatever that video have turned out to be okay let me ask you if that video happens to turn out something else would you have come out to say your the one that made it remember you said you made it for fun that means your laughing or mocking there condition you see that which Bible says he has turn their mourning into dancing, so don’t just be angry with them at all if they come and said take thing as a kind of appreciation collect it from them if you like but if you don’t like them that’s your part of contribution towards success destiny.

  20. My dear I know it hurts so bad but all you need honestly right now is a good job don’t worry money will come okay whether her parents give money or not the success story of their daughter will not be complete with you.

  21. Your help is not far from you. Your story is so pathetic. Human beings are just so greedy and in grate.

  22. You I’ll be better than success and her mother any moment from now…..already you are a celebrity…
    .very soon people I’ll see you on TV shows and I’ll be part of you sponsor…watch out

  23. You I’ll be better than success and her mother any moment from now…..already you are a celebrity…
    .very soon people I’ll see you on TV shows and I’ll be part of your sponsor…watch out

  24. Dear Stephanie. Good evening to you dear. If you can let go and move on it will be great. You never know the reward coming through for you courtesy of another person entirely. Let go their ingratitude. God only used you as a vessel, He’s about using another vessel in your life too. I feel bad that most Nigerians are 5 and 6 with greed. But believe you me, God will write your beautiful story soon. Whatever you did making that video go viral was just some directives from the holy spirit. That’s how heaven would give directives to your destiny helper too. Stay unbothered?

  25. You are successful already because the work of your hand is successful
    If not for your recordings who knows the family in question and even the school.
    As for the parents !! Don’t expect much from them that’s Nigeria and Africa for you…..Set of greedy and selfish human beings.
    I strongly believe your help has come just be calm and see what God has in store for you.

  26. Stephanie Idolor, hope you read all these beautiful comments and be wisely guided. Sorry for all you are facing right now after your goodwill. First you don’t need a job because you already have a job. You are the creative Stephanie who promoted the Success Story that is now trendy around the world. All you need is a take off funding to do a blog and use Your Success story as a take off on your news blog while you visit other schools you already know to fish out those like success who need help and now you become the channel for their solution. So be wise, stop being angry, forget your friend who betrayed you and take whatever Mama Success offers you in good faith as your take off grant to touch other lives waiting for you in your area and across the World. You are indeed already a celebrity!

  27. Haha.. it’s only God that blesses. I’m sure if it was in success hands she would have done something… Before this self (later), I asked what about the person that video. But you never know, just leave everything to God.

  28. This is really bad of them, I even have the video but without you no glory for them, you should listen to your parents and move on, God must surly in one way or the other reward you.
    Calm dear.


  30. Thank you so much. You have unearthed a treasure in thst little girl. She is so.witty and intelligent. I cracked up with laughter. Good comic relief! God bless your efforts.

  31. She has done her part. She should let go. I know how it feels especially in her shoes as an unemployed but God has a way. Many trained journalists cannot do what she has done. To capture an episode from natural instinct. Well done baby. God will reward you at the right time..

  32. God can use anyone to bless someone even prostitutes. So my dear sister pray so that your own God will use another success to reward you is not greedy because you never think that way.your
    time shall come

  33. That’s toooo baad….
    I advise you to also try your best and complain to Nigerian everywhere in the social media, Just lay your complaint with respect and with organised speech beg them not to leave you empty handed I bet you your own will go beyond her own… Please don’t fold your hands…. This is your opportunity don’t miss it… I bet you you will latter thank me

  34. My dear, before something happens God know the reasons why it happened. Had it been you mom did not sent you for massage. Or you saw her and did not video her, or you did the video and did not post online. You see the process God use from you to help success. God really want to show that little success favour this month March and the almighty God has done it . don’t worry your good work will never turn into bad thing. Before this month will end you will receive your own millions

  35. You deserve much more than Success. You were her producer. It’s only ppl that kn that post. Fight for ur cash dear

  36. Stephanie, Takeheart, God of Success will open door of Success for you, You have done a really big job, by putting smiling to the face of million Nigerian people!

  37. God used you to change the destiny of the little girl Success.I have been following comments of people on social media regarding the initiator of the viral video of Success being driven from School should be duely rewarded.God will reward your labour.Same God that used you unknowingly to turn around the destiny of Success will do same for you.

  38. To me you re blessed already now because anyone has used to bless anther, that person is also blessed one.
    Pls take this piece of advise….dont make it look like you questioning God for you to have been used By God because when God created you you He has already program how to be the one He will use to bless the little girl.
    God have a greater plan for you now and it’s very glaring at it stand now.
    Just go and praise God and give thanks to Him instead feeling been restricted from having dividend.

  39. Almighty God will reward you for your effort to uplift success family.That special day is the day of your breakthrough.God will uplift you very soon,what is yours will come.Just obey your parents.You will see the hand of God in no due time.

  40. Stephine did a good job by recording that little girl, therefore , the video belongs to you, and in good time you will get the benefit of what comes from it. You will! Interviews will come seeking to know who did the video.

  41. I can understand how you feel, the attitude of the parents is questionable they should be open to you and your family, they should now see u as partner in progress. Things like this hurts, hope they’ll rethink over it.

  42. Many beautiful and encouraging comments. Stephine please take time, read these comments, be calm bcos you are already a Success and soon that will materialize physically. God bless you.

  43. I fear my fellow Nigerians sha o.
    Why are people blaming Stephanie for intrusion?
    In an idea society, Success’ family was supposed to have ensure that they use Success to trace Stephanie before any other interference on the numerous cash being given to them by people.
    According to my own view about nature, THE CONTINUOUS prosperity of Success and her family WILL GREATLY DEPEND on how much worth they Handle to Stephanie.
    Nobody shud dare nature. It’s one Police I have understood MUST punish u for ur MISS DO.

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