Lagos Policemen Strip Okada Rider Naked, Brutalized Him Over Minor Argument In Akoka

okada rider stripped naked in lagos police

Nov 2nd, 2012 – Lagos Policemen Strip Okada Rider Naked, Brutalized Him Over Minor Argument In Akoka

Just few weeks after a terrible jungle justice was carried out in Aluu, Port-Harcourt in the presence of some Nigerian Police Officers, another one with evidence has been carried out in broad daylight in Lagos State Nigeria.

According to an eyewitness who witnessed this injustice being carried out by Nigerian Policemen at University Road junction off St Finbarr’s College Road in Akoka area of Lagos State Nigeria on Wednesday, an Okada rider (man) was brutalized and stripped naked after a minor argument with the policemen.

Contrary to fake police report, a witness said the Okada rider didn’t resist arrest. He said the policemen who laid ambush in a van tagged with plate no NPF9544B beat the rider mercilessly and ordered him to take off all his clothes after he allegedly argued with them.

As if that wasn’t enough, he was later beaten to stupor by the policemen who took it upon themselves to teach him a lesson of his life.

See these yeye police force carrying out jungle justice.

If the police force are behaving this way, what do you expect ordinary citizens to do.

Fashola should investigate these mumu officers and bring them to book.

9 thoughts on “Lagos Policemen Strip Okada Rider Naked, Brutalized Him Over Minor Argument In Akoka

  1. Since jungle justice has become the order of the day in that country i suggest a total review of the country’s outdated contitution to reflect on issues of these sorts. This is wrong, barbaric, crude and unacceptable. The concern useless police security idiots should be brought to justice without delay.

  2. Who no no wetin Nig police men b? Very soon,a gang 4 attackin of police wil born… Last time,they killed 1 man in ph bcuz of,argument…

  3. If not only in nigeria hw a common okada man ve d mine to even approach police men on unifrom or while on duty nd star argument wt dem,tnk God u were not kill ,is jst dt senior officers ve damage d image of police dt is why any stupid person feelto say anyting.go ahead call police wt any name dey stil remain nigeria police nd dere is noting u pple can do.FOOLS


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