Laide Bakare On Honeymoon After Secret Wedding, Promises To Reply Ex-Husband In 4 Weeks

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May 30, 2013 – Laide Bakare Married Tunde Oriowo Secretly “I’ll Talk About My Ex-Husband When I Return From Honeymoon In 4 Weeks”

Laide Bakare Begins Honeymoon Weeks After Secret Wedding, Promises To Reply Ex-Husband In 4 Weeks

The fact that actress Laide Bakare dumped her first hubby is not a new thing anymore, the actress allegedly left her husband of 3 years after discovering he is married with two kids.

She released a lengthy press release about her new relationship with Lagos-based business man Tunde Oriowo in early May. In the PR, she said she plans to marry her new lover in the US.

So as we speak, the beautiful actress who held a Nikkai ceremony (Muslim wedding rite) few weeks ago in Lagos is currently honeymooning in the United States of America.

Her ex-husband Mr Okufulire was quick to reply the actress stating she sleeps with anything under the trouser.

In order to counter her ex-hubby’s allegations, she has promised to reply him when she returned from her honeymoon in 4 weeks time.

The short-lived marriage between Laide Bakare and her ex-hubby produced a lovely daughter named Simi.

10 thoughts on “Laide Bakare On Honeymoon After Secret Wedding, Promises To Reply Ex-Husband In 4 Weeks

  1. Must she reply her ex husband? All these actors and actresses are always looking for unnecessary publicity .

  2. has she got something gud 2say ni? posterity ‘l soon judge dem al. tot sum1 labelled her ‘harlot’. if dt was aw dr mothers behaved during dr time, dont think dey ‘l live 2see d gud dey njoy 2day. she ‘l soon turn mother with several children with several fatherss

  3. U celebreties shud nt alwz be carried away by worldly fins, rmba 1 day u wil al liv dis ejoinment 2 a plc were u dont know. What is wrng if u marry 1 wif 1 husband?

  4. higly dissapointed in laide bakare but come to think of it what is actually d problem of all this actress snatching each others husband na wa oooo

  5. She promised to reply her ex husband in 4weeks time,ur 4weeks is over.we need ur response.

  6. Dumping ur ex bcos u discover he’s got a wife &kid u claimed den getting married to a man with many wives & children plus countless concubine is better? Eshhhh .God av mercy.

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