Large Python Snake Swallows A Goat In Abuja (Photos)

snake swallows goat in abuja

July 1st, 2013 – Large Python Snake Swallowed A Goat In Abuja (Pictures)

This is a case that happened close to a dam in Bwari area of Abuja on the 28th of June, 2013 around 3pm.

The large python snake was caught while trying to digest a goat earlier swallowed.

See another photo below

snake swallowed goat abuja

23 thoughts on “Large Python Snake Swallows A Goat In Abuja (Photos)

  1. what a life….snake can’t eat what d can swallow….is dat not greed ? Even greediness can be found in animals….oh God have mercy

  2. av bin hearin bt neva seen 1,bt dis particular 1 mk me dey hail baba 4 up.wat a miracle,bt jst dat d snake sef 2 dey greedy na God catch ammm.i jst pray dis neva apen 2 human oooooo.

  3. This is outrageous……..was there any bush around the environs or what……..the news is a shocking one I must confess. May God save us

  4. I cant belive we have python in Nigeria,if true i thank God not human being is animal that he pick, kill the python pls.

  5. I am eyes witness we saw it at the lowerhusman dam junction in Bwari on the 28 of June which was on Friday @ about 3.00pm.

  6. This is very possible, if you watch documentry or animal channels you will find that snakes especially pythons can swallow a whole human being being and can take several days to digest it by staying quietly somewhere. I t;s trick is to wrap it’self around it’s victim to strangulate it before swallowing. This shall not be our portion in Jesus Name

  7. Hmm, guys how are you sure that, that thing is not own by one of this Abuja guys? It is just our Father in heaven Jesus that intervened, a goat instead of a human being, and therefore its exposure.

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