Lawma Street Sweeper Killed By Soldier In Obalende Lagos

Nov 18, 2015 – Tears As Soldier Hit & Kill LAWMA Street Sweeper On Third Mainland Bridge

A street sweeper simply identified as Bisi died today when a soldier hit and knocked her off the third mainland bridge.

The accident happened around 11 am today behind Kam Salem House in Obalende.

The driver of the vehicle, a military personnel, was said to be speeding when his tyre burst and the vehicle somersaulted severally.

The victim, according to eyewitnesses was flung into the air and thrown over the bridge to the ground.

9 thoughts on “Lawma Street Sweeper Killed By Soldier In Obalende Lagos

  1. last Saturday morning,saw d way one of this lawma peeps bend and backed vehicles coming,God really saved me because I didn’t see her on time,i was now wondering that is it that dis peeps are immortal or is just me that love life so much,that I felt d woman was out of place on that bridge!

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  3. I feel bad for this poor woman,Please let other of her fellow street sweepers learn on how to proctect them selfs againt traffics,Sorry my sister.

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