Leaked BBM Chat Between Dino Melaye’s Ex & New Wife Exposes Abuse

leaked bbm chat dino melaye wives

July 2nd, 2014 – Leaked BBM Chat Between Dino Melaye’s Ex-Wife Tokunbo & New Wife Alero Falope

On Wednesday, the new wife of Honourable Dino Melaye packed out her matrimonial home over constant beatings.

The BBM chat between the two women has been leaked by Tokunbo Melaye to expose the violent lifestyle of Dino  Melaye.
leaked bbm chat dino melaye wives

Check out the leaked chat below;

Tokunbo: I sent dis msg to u last nite. U replied with I love him msg… Pls I need Sams number. I want to give him his life history n send him my heartfelt prayers for his daughters. They will marry men exactly like dino and have inlaws exactly like the Melayes in Jesus might name
Alero: Dino took my phones off me that time. He must have deleted it so I didn’t see it
Alero: I’m out of his life fo rgood I hope he meets a woman that will care for your sons. Better still, if you can forgive him, 3 kids is not easy. I wish you all the best

He is brainwashing your boys. Make sure you talk to them. I’ve told them there is no love like a mother’s. Father’s too are good but mother is ultimate. Sorry for your pain. I’ve known Dino since June last year. Not 4 years like I was lied upon. I too was played by him. So sad
Tokunbo: How are you doing Were u d one sending me text msgs last night with the oda line?
Alero: Other line? No oh. I’m doing okay. He locked the doors and said I can’t go. Beat up my car hire driver. I’m so upset. I insist on leaving today
Tokunbo: With d little u experienced in 6 months and all the lies will u advice even an enemy to go back to such a man. Alero! no mata how much he brainwashes dem. de saw n de remember all d beatings, maltreatment and the prostitutes he brings to the house. By God’s grace dey will be nothing like him. The Fabiyi blood in dem will speak louder dan d melaye lying blood IJN. I wish you well Takia
Alero: Amen I know it is hard being a single mum oh. But if you can muscle it like I’ve done for years. I hail you


Alero: Pls leave the internet alone the wolrd has no business iwth our personal lives and problems
Tokunbo: Alero if dis msg is from u call me now! I’m startin my prayers in 20 mins
Alero: It is okay, I don’t mind . As much as I hate publicity of any kind, I know what’s news today is dead and gone tomorrow. The important thing to me is that you now know the true nature of how and when I met Dino. Or shoudl I too say Bingo. Lol. I don’t know you well but cos I ‘ve lived in your hell, its easy to blend with you.
Tokunbo: Hahahah I see u still have her phones. Smh well times up. Going to report ur evil lying family to my maker. Teh prayers for tonite can be found in deut 28:15-68 and psalm 35. Can I hearan Amen. LOL
Tokunbo: Na bingo nau dat who what he is. You can’t begin to imagine Alereo. Afer a while I stopped hurting, I just became indifferent. I tink dats ow I coped for soo long. Den my kids became d centre of my universe n dat made it ok.
Alero: Pls I’m an extremely private person, pls pls keep this out of the internet. I plead with you. Thanks and tlak to you as planned.
Tokunbo: I beg you in God’s name, can you help me get Gbotemis international passport? I’d like to travel with her for summer

Let’s see who is next…..

11 thoughts on “Leaked BBM Chat Between Dino Melaye’s Ex & New Wife Exposes Abuse

  1. women are cheap nowadays very soon he will find another mammy water better looking than dis one.

  2. Hnmmmmmmm dis dino needs to be taken to yaba apa OSI. o. See ur likf so de two of Dem relate well like this. If not dat dey have good mind u whould have gone six feet below beforeu knw it. Leta one MuMu go still fall ur victim.again. AGBAYa

  3. was it not this same dino, who break someone head at the house rep the other time ?? hmmmmm no wonder , its runs in his blood

  4. When u marry a man bcos of his wealth, u don’t need to complain about his violent life. Marrige is 4 better 4 worse.

  5. Dino and all ur wifes ,better all go and cheek HIV,cos this Dino is more than Dog,for what i read about him.hwo comes this 2 beautifull women fall for him, look at the first wife go through this for over 10yrs with this man and have 3 kids,never in my life with this dog,even here after, niaja women de surfar.

  6. Firstly I would say the demon was given a field play to party in this strange relationships(marriages)Tokunbo you are beautiful and meant to be with Dino for life!that’s what my God feeling tells me.Alero you’re charming,and you were Dino’s second ex wife.(according to you) Dino- Gods plan for us is always very big and the devil will use wicked tactics and human agents to stop a potential excellency,identify this external forces,stamp your feet and tell them to get lost!deed has been done,praise God everyone is well(lets not take our breath for granted). Now for the kids sake call Tokunbo and Alero, make peace and put the devil and wicked people to shame.Tokunbo,Alero and the kids including the unborn child are your halves,the wicked world we live in creates a deceitful master plan for one to fight his or herself (continuously), GET UP!!! TELL THE DEVIL THE BUBBLE IS BURST AND SAY IT OUT LOUD!(I didn’t hear you loud enough) Tokunbo and Alero, dirty laundry won’t disappear from the internet soon,(Goggle is now saying they can’t and are not responsible to delete comments/articles from the web)Don’t let these malicious comments you’ve already put out hit your kids in the near future -follow the fight against Google to take it out.PEACE AND GODBLESS.

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