Majid Michel Tells Reporter: I’m Not A Ghanaian Actor

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Feb 5, 2016 – Majid Michel Tells Reporter: I’m Not A Ghanaian Actor

Popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel recently created a controversy during a press briefing in Accra Ghana.

The actor warned reporters during the launch of Kofas Media’s new movie project “Amakye & Dede” to stop addressing him as a Ghanaian actor.

During the question and answer session of the conference, Majid Michel was asked if there is a funny bone in him, and if there is, how he can make viewers of “Amakye & Dede” laugh when it’s finally out.

See his response:

 “Well, I am an actor and I believe acting is an act and art is universal… I am not a Ghanaian actor; I am an actor from Ghana. So I was there as an actor and this director said he wants me for a film and I said what is it about and he said this is it.”

Mr Michel was born to a Ghanaian mother and a Lebanese father on the 22nd of September 1980 in Accra Ghana.

36 thoughts on “Majid Michel Tells Reporter: I’m Not A Ghanaian Actor

    • Difference is Ghanian actor means an actor who belongs to Ghana (i.e Clients/Audience are Ghanian. An actor from Ghana infers an Actor of Ghanian origin who has fans anywhere and everywhere. Kapish?

  1. Some of dis celebrities re never straight forward, 4get dis coni coni lifestyle & give a straight forward answer. maybe he feel he hv pave much way in d industries & calling him a ghananian actor beneath his statue… but i believe he won’t hv said otherwise if he was addres as an american actor..dat’s wot u want abi? rubbish


  3. All these lebanese shop owners them for africa weh africans them di collam white man them leave pickin them for all corner ooh

  4. John Emeka, u too much ooo I dey gbadu u 4 hia o.
    Bt I smhw agreed wt d guy sha. I tink he z just tryn 2 prove a point by distingushin hmslf 4rm d Ghanians.

    U knw, even duo he lives in Ghana n do most of his actin dia, he is nt a Ghanian n he can neva b, just lk even duo d mangrove tree may stand long in d riva bt can neva bcm a crocodile.

  5. wah is dis guy talking abt weda fish swallow jona or jona swallow fish all I knw there was a swallow so wah is his stress mtchew

  6. Since he was conceived and born in Ghana, he is Ghanaian. You are a citizen of your birth place. There are many people like that in Nigeria and Ghana. Those women rush to open their legs to those Lebanese working in Nigeria and Ghana and the product from such fling is people with false inflated ego. Lebanese are not even real white. In Nigeria we call them “Kora”.

  7. So let ghanians stop addressing him as ghana actor….lol…if i am in his shoes i will say the same.

  8. I saw this interview sometime ago, and I don’t go with him. A Ghanian actor, an actor from Ghana; he has not said a different thing. But if he feels inferior when addressed as a Ghanian actor, then do well to call him an “actor from Ghana”, if not for anything else, at least to boost his ego.

  9. I tire for this guy self , you are a Ghanaian and that makes an actor from Ghana. Wetin be all these confusion. Abeg park well

  10. He has fans all over the world… calling him a Ghanaian actor may ostracize his fan base from other parts of the world. This man is not denying his heritage as you all are making it seems.

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