Man Arrested While Trying To Kidnap Aunt In Akwa Ibom

man arrested kidnap aunt akwa ibom state

Monday July 4, 2016 – Man Arrested While Trying To Kidnap Aunt In Akwa Ibom

27-year-old Christian Ekung was nabbed for planning to kidnap his aunt, Mrs. Mary Asuquo Inyang, a resident of Oron Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The suspect who lives in Lagos travelled to Akwa Ibom State after strategizing with some friends on how to abduct his aunt for ransom. However, luck ran out on him as his felonious plan was divulged to the police by the same friends. The suspect was going to abduct the aunt and demand a ransom of N3 million.

But Ekung denied that he came in from Lagos to kidnap his aunt who, according to him, has been his benefactor. The suspect said he returned to the state because one of his friends had told him he had a job for him.

10 thoughts on “Man Arrested While Trying To Kidnap Aunt In Akwa Ibom

  1. It is God of the benefactor that refused to look the other way while this wicked soul bites the finger that fed him. Let him go eat prison beans for a while so he may know the difference between good and evil. I hope people stronger than him will teach him how to spell “wicked”in prison. Demon nephew!

  2. It may be that, that his friend set him up. Who knows? We don’t know who is actually telling the truth here. Police officers oya, make una kill am, dem don give una the one wey una dey chop.

  3. stupid boy why u go d make stupid plan to kidnap ur aunt? now they don catch u what do u want dem to do u? 1(kill u) 2(give 70yrs imprisonment) 3(all of the above) choose one bcus u deserve no mercy.

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