Man Finds A Dead Rat In Fried Rice (Photo)

dead rat inside fried rice

April 5, 2013 – Man Found A Dead Rat In Fried Rice (Photo)

A guy who witnessed the above episode said it happened while eating at a restaurant (name undisclosed) in Lagos.

According to him, he ordered fried rice from a restaurant and to his surprise, a dead baby rat was discovered inside it.

What could have happened if the guy accident chop the dead rat.

OMG isn’t it better to eat at home sometimes.

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20 thoughts on “Man Finds A Dead Rat In Fried Rice (Photo)

  1. My advice 2 single guys…PLS…go and get married,stop eatin out. Dose who are married are nt left out of dis message. U guys should stop eatin out. Thank u.

  2. There was no need 2 complain,if d fried rice was with beef or chicken then dat should be ‘JARA’,if not, it was ‘BONUS’.

  3. Tins thy hapen 4 naija sha especialy lagos…i thk very soon mosquito will be use as beef 4 4 men jare:-D

  4. Yes dat is gud 4″lazy” men,wen deir mum wer cookin n teachin dem dey refuse n went to play ball. Cudos to dos 1s dat can cook n who dos nt buy mama put or iya risika fud outsid.

  5. Datz how i saw a cockroach inside a plate of icecream freezed together in one of d biggest fast food joint everybody know in dis naija,but i pursue d matter legally and dey pay for d damages.

  6. Rat is rat,wether fried or coocked. The guy should go to hospital for check up. Rat causes lasa fever.

  7. That is call double meat. There is no mistake about it. All he needs is to ask for another plate of rice. since he doesnt like the delicacy

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