Man Murdered By Friends Over His Girlfriend In Delta state

man stabbed to death girlfriend delta state

September 21, 2016 – Tragedy As 3 Friends Stab Kill Man Over His Girlfriend In Delta State

25-year-old Iyede Matthew was stabbed to death by 3 men following a disagreement over his girlfriend at a bar in Ethiope East LGA of Delta State on Sunday.

According to the brother of the victim, the deceased was killed at a plaza close to Delta State University.

The names of Iyede’s killers have been submitted to the police.

8 thoughts on “Man Murdered By Friends Over His Girlfriend In Delta state

  1. Lord have mercy,what is going on in our dear country? The crime rate in nigeria now is too much and is heartbreaking,may God of hosts deliver our dear country.

  2. Locally made boko harams in action. The way murder makes headlines this days is becoming alarming!
    Is it in the air we breathe ?
    Are we now animals that kill without mercy or second thought?
    What are they gonna gain from his death ?
    Questions without answers.
    I just don’t get it honestly.

    Rest in peace.

  3. @Red u got me smiling. ‘locally made boko Haram’ Its a pity this boy’s life was caught short, may his soul rip.

  4. Life, people just kill their fellow just like that without conscience, without the fear of God. I hope the murderer are caught nd given death sentence

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