South Africa No Longer Safe.. Man Shot Dead By Robbers In Joburg CBD

man shot dead robbers joburg cbd

South Africa No Longer Safe.. Innocent Man Shot Dead In Broad Daylight In Joburg CBD

Check out the viral video of an innocent man who was shot dead in broad daylight on Monday the 18th of February 2019 in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The man was seen talking with a woman before a gunman shot him from behind and robbed him while in the pool of blood.

Robbery is said to be the motive for the fatal attack.

This is the same country our people are rushing to for safety.


? GRAPHIC CONTENT ? Johannesburg CBD yesterday around 19:44pm . The motive for the shooting unknown

Posted by ZA Neighbourhoods Watch on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lord have mercy!!!.

The video was shared on Facebook by ZA Neighbourhoods Watch.

4 thoughts on “South Africa No Longer Safe.. Man Shot Dead By Robbers In Joburg CBD

  1. why pulling off the video..its been u live in iraq than yeye s/afrca..its massacre there abd okoro buffon have the guts to erect their stupid ex prez statue in naija.

  2. Shot dead and was robbed in the pool of his blood? never struggle with the armed robbers before they shoot?
    It’s either business matter or woman matter gone wrong…God have mercy.

  3. The same S/A our country men are bn wasted in broad day light and someone in my country erect their President’s status in his state as a small god. May God have mercy.

  4. It is a dead news to now say that South Africa is no longer safe. South Africa has become a death trap long time ago not only for its citizens but for all foreigners. If you a Nigerian and you cannot find any other African countries to go and you choose South Africa then that means you have deliberately give yourself to the hangman.

    Up till now, a white man will still accommodate his fellow white even without his/her valid papers or immigration status but in Africa, fellow African will kill his fellow African brother just because of jealousness. Have you forgotten they are xenophobic?.

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