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Man (US Deportee) Jailed For Failing To Marry His Lover

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Man (US Deportee) Jailed For Failing To Marry His Lover

Amaechi odifeAmaechi Odife

Dec 8, 2011 – Man (US Deportee) Jailed For Failing To Marry His Lover

Amaechi Odife, 35-year old US deportee who fraudulently obtained money and engaged a woman in marathon sex under the false pretence of marrying her has been arraigned before the Oshodi MagistratesCourt, Lagos Southwest Nigeria, and remanded in prison custody at the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons, Apapa for fraud.

Mr Amaechi Odife who was deported from the USA has promised to buy a car and take his lover, Ginikachi Adika, to the United States of America, if she will sleep with him and marry him. Unknown to Adika, Odife was jobless and recently deported from the US.

Ginikachi Adika reportedly accommodated him and they started living together in Adika’s house at 7, Amusa Street, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos. The woman, living on false hope, gladly accepted the offer and started spending her money on Odife and engaged in sex with him. The woman became anxious when the accused refused to introduce any of his relations to her for them to organize a wedding.

Odife later took her to a prophet who prophesised to them that God said that they should not live as husband and wife. The embittered woman discovered after five months of living together that Odife was deported and jobless and had no plans of going back to the US, talkless of taking her along.

Angered by Odife’s behavior, Adika went to the Makinde Police Station and reported what happened. Odife was arrested and charged to court under sections 419 and 390 of the Criminal Code, Cap.17, Vol. 2, Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria. When the matter came up at the court, he pleaded not guilty and the presiding Magistrate, Mrs. Osho Adebiyi granted him bail in the sum of N50, 000 with one surety.

The matter has suffered two adjournments because the complainant refused to show up in court to testify against the accused.”

Let’s talk about double jeopardy here! Make that triple, because they were both using each other, but he’s the smarter one for robbing her of her money and her vagina …  Like the Yoruba people would say “o ti lu ni jibiti obo!” – He robbed her of her v****** icon smile MAN JAILED FOR FAILING TO MARRY HIS LOVER

We are in the 21st century! I still can’t believe how some females act when they meet a guy based in the US/UK. You immediately spread your legs for him in the hopes of traveling abroad one day, you don’t even take the time to find out about the kind of lifestyle he lived before coming back home. She got what she was looking for and I hope the guy suffers too! He is broke and he has no morals… smh!

Amaechi Odife sounds like an Igbo name to me however, the guy in the above picture is obviously a Yoruba man.

Our women need to be very careful of this supposed Americanas they are taking Nigerian girls for granted all in the name of coming from abroad everyday.



  1. Wale

    December 9, 2011 at 2:19 AM

    Hey men at NaijaGists: Do you know how many women have and still in the business of defrauding guys from abroad under the pre-text of marriage. They knew it is the sure and fastest way of getting abroad. Check them out on social networks there they advertises themselves daily. The women of cause cooks different stories professing whom they’re not by tricking guys into fast marriage that has no solid foundation. Also,they makes guys believes they will turn out to be good wife. However,upon arrival at the States or abroad having got their wants they becomes nuisance and end up leaving the men that went through thick and thing to bring them into a new and better lives. It’s not an easy tasks to bring someone abroad because of the financial constraints involved. On the contrary, the innocent guys who are out of touch from reality genuinely brings these females abroad as partners, helpers wives name it as it is not easy to survive alone in a foreign land. Most of the females are good in convincing guys that they’re marrying to rightful the spouse. It is a game of hit me and I hit you harder men. Guys from abroad uses them while the bad apples called themselves females are the worst in the game. Please don’t blame guys for beating them to their games. Some of them are already in a steady relatioship, but because of greed and love of material things they would zoom off the radar of the steady relationship leaping after dudes from abroad.

  2. Gabriel Nagaba

    December 9, 2011 at 8:09 PM

    God gave us brain to reason and work on it.Our parents sent us school to study to be wise and intelligent but all in vain. Some people never give it a thought before reacting on something. That’s their cross let them carry it. Our 9ja girls can’t remember One is not awarded for having a brain but for using it. Think and be wise my country people

  3. UrFavoriteCelebs

    December 11, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    @Gabriel What will it take to join with our sisters and brothers in america?

  4. emmanuel

    July 27, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    Dis is rubish

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