Marriage Crash: Funke Akindele Tells News Reporters To Contact Publicist, Denies Media War

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Jan 21, 2015 – Marriage Crash: Funke Akindele Tells Journalists To Contact Publicist, Denies Media War

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele has spoken against the story making round that she’s avoiding journalists ever since her marriage crashed in 2013.

The actress said she is very busy with movie projects and has no reason to bring herself in the news for wrong reasons again.
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Hear what the actress said in an interview with national dailies last weekend:

“I have just been busy and I don’t think I have ever shown any sign that suggests I hold a grudge against any journalist. The media made us and we appreciate that. But saying that I have something to hide or avoiding them is not true,” “I have a publicist who handles my media affair, if there is the need for me to speak, they will surely ask me to do so,” .

Meanwhile, Funke Akindele is very busy working on the first episode of her upcoming Jenifa reality TV and radio show.

By the way, her elder sister Ayo Ola Mohammed is her publicist. Check out her pretty face below:

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6 thoughts on “Marriage Crash: Funke Akindele Tells News Reporters To Contact Publicist, Denies Media War

  1. If one observes carefully you will notice that nollywood is fast becoming like Hollywood. Aferall the name nollywood was culled from hollywood. Hollywood is beset with divorces, drugs, infidelity, sex, and tragedy. I am afraid to say, but it looks like that’s the way these Nigerian actors and actresses are heading to. Just look at the list of divorces, sudden deaths muma obiekew died of kidney failure due to alcohol and’s same way Sam loco died same way. terrible. God help us.

  2. Perhaps we should stay out of peoples’ personal lives and give them privacy to mend their relationships. After all, people get married and divorced everyday, why should we expect perfection from some just because they are in the public forum? Funke dear, I wish you the best in your sojourn through life and hopefully, you will find a man that truly deserves and appreciates you. Good luck (not Jonathan o)!

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