Married Man And Girlfriend Die Inside Car In Maryland Lagos After Taking Poisoned Drink..Emmanuel Cheta Dead

emmanuel cheta dead

Image World Visual Boss, Emmanuel Cheta aka Digbo And Girlfriend Found Dead After Drinking Poisoned Drink 

Married Man And Girlfriend Die Inside Parked Car InMaryland Lagos After Taking Poisoned Drink..Emmanuel Cheta & Annie Akhadelor Dead

Image World Visuals boss, Emmanuel Chetan, and Annie Akhadelor, were found dead in a parked car, whose engine was running at Mende, Maryland, Lagos State, on Saturday.

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Residents said Chetan lived at 37A Atiba Osborne Street, Mende.

Our correspondent, who visited the area on Sunday, discovered that the two gates of the house had been locked with no resident around.

An eyewitness, James Odion, said Chetan and Akhadelor were probably returning from a club in the early hours of Saturday.

He stated that the two died on Olugbade Street, Mende, Maryland, about 72 metres from where the man’s residence.

According to him, the two were suspected to have taken poisoned drinks, which might have led to their death and not the car’s air conditioning system as being suggested in some quarters.

He added that when the police eventually arrived and forced open the car, they found containers of the drinks they allegedly consumed.

emmanuel cheta dies

Odion explained that on Olugbade Street, where Chetan parked his vehicle, a resident approached him and asked him to remove the car, noting that the place was where he (the man) often parked his car.

emmanuel cheta corpse

He said Chetan begged the man, saying that he was feeling uncomfortable and that in a short while, he would move the vehicle out, adding that about one hour later, Chetan and Akhadelor were found dead.

Odion stated,

“Chetan was in his 30s. I knew him very well but I had never seen the lady, who was with him.

“He parked his car on Olugbade Street, a distance of not more than 70 or so metres to his house. A man who usually parks his car at that place, approached him and asked him to move the car away so that he could park his own car.

“Chetan asked him not to worry that he would soon leave the place as he was feeling uncomfortable in his stomach, same as his partner.

“The two appeared to be coming from a club. Some bottles of drinks were found with them when the police eventually got to the scene and forced open the vehicle.”

emmanuel cheta die

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Chike Oti, confirmed the incident, saying the corpses of Chetan and Akhadelor had been recovered and deposited in the hospital for autopsy.

10 thoughts on “Married Man And Girlfriend Die Inside Car In Maryland Lagos After Taking Poisoned Drink..Emmanuel Cheta Dead

    • Amen ooooo, so shameful, Pls God those things that we will do that will bring shame to YOU and to your kingdom, pls God do not let us do them, uphold us with your righteous hands, we will not fall by the way side IJMN

  1. Majority of the things we are consuming in Nigeria are poison, from local made to those imported from China, i pray they found out the cause of death for others to be precautions.

    May their soul RIP.

  2. Until we hear the autopsy report, we cant know what really killed them and until the other lady is identified, we cant know for certain, who she was.

  3. Good for them both they will wait till they get married before flirting that’s what Nigeria trash bi**hes are known for.

  4. lets wait for autopsy ..wonder why he was in boxers and the lady still dressed the bottle from the club and he was the barman or woman who served them.lets wait for press briefing

  5. Please lets not jump into conclusion yet. From the look of things what they drank was poison. The question now is, was the drink from the club or was it bought outside the club? Are they in amorous relationship and if so did they make a pact to die together since it has been discovered that both are married or is the woman single? What kind of drink did they consume? was it the concoction they are producing under unhygienic conditions? Let’s wait until the autopsy result is out.

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