Married Nigerian Man Rejects Girlfriend’s Proposal At Ikeja City Mall Lagos After 10 Years Of Dating


married man rejects girlfriend proposal ikeja city mall

January 15, 2018 – Married Nigerian Man Rejects Side-chick, Secret Girlfriends Proposal At Ikeja City Mall Lagos After 10 Years Of Dating

The internet went agog this morning with the story of a bold lady who got the shock of her life when her boyfriend of 10 years rejected her proposal at ICM (Ikeja City Mall) in Lagos.

The lady who staged the proposal with help of friends and family members broke down in tears when who refused to collect her proposal ring whispered into her ears that he is married with kids.

The twist of fate is the most talked about topic on the social media today as many called out the lady in black for being too cheap with her desperate approach.

Watch the viral video below

The talk on the streets is that this lady should be blamed…

Come to think of it, how can you date a man for complete 10 years without commitment.

In that period of 10 years she must have wasted her time, energy and others things that can’t be mentioned here.

It is high time sisters shine their eyes very well. Not all that glitters is gold.

This abroad inspired proposal by ladies is unAfrican. It should be condemned because African men are wired to pop the question first.

Single ladies, please take note…. May you never be disgraced like this lady.