Meet Apostle Johnson Suleman, The Founder Of Omega Fire Ministry

johnson suleiman

April 8, 2015 – Meet Apostle Johnson Suleiman, The Founder Of Omega Fire Ministry

In a world where wickedness overshadows godliness, Where revivalism has waxed cold and satanism soars, Where mammonism has overtaken spiritualism, and meekness is seen as weakness. We are in an era where servants rides on horses and princes walk as servants. Where the destinies of many are under the manipulation of wicked forces.

To wipe out tears, restore people to their destinies by the revelation of the word, manifestation of power and reality of the Holy Spirit, God raised unto us Apostle Johnson Suleman, a fire emitting yoke destroyer, a crusader against the vices of the devil. He hails from a small town called Auchi in Edo State Nigeria, which is likened to the biblical Bethlehem known to be the smallest among the towns in Judah.

His emergence came at a time when Pentecostalism in Nigeria and beyond is grappling with materialism and the body of Christ going through spiritual coldness. Worldliness has taken the place of holiness in our churches today. The church of God needed the reignition of apostolic fire which was orchestrated by pentecostal heroes of the past. For example, William seymour, kathryn kuhlman , Joseph Ayo Babalola etc. Nowadays, most pastors have compromised their faith, sermons about salvation is seen as old school. They often preach the juicy message of prosperity for self financial aggrandizement.

God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman , a protege of Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission International Inc was mandated by God to put an end to peoples affliction with the Omega anointing he possess. He is a mighty man of Valor with fire in his bones, who God is using greatly in our generation. At the sound of his voice the deaf hears, the lame walks, the blind sees, all manners of deadly diseases and sicknesses disappears and those bound by the bands of wickedness are set free. There are living testimonies of people been restored back to life by effortless prayers by God’s servant.

At the space of eleven years when Omega Fire Ministry was birthed, Apostle Johnson Suleman has traveled to about Ninety countries of the world preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, he had met with twenty two African presidents where he prayed and prophesied for their respective nations. Undoubtedly, he is the most sought after man of God of our time. Omega Fire Ministry is no doubt the fastest growing church today with more than forty branches worldwide. The church is presently building a new auditorium of 70,000 capacity in a small town of 60,000 inhabitants. At the completion of the project it will become one of the biggest churches in the world.

The launch of the multimillion dollars Celebration TV two years ago is a testament of God’s grace that accompanies the ministry. Viewers can watch the live program of the church where ever they are in the world. The Oracle of God as he is fondly called is a man with a generous heart. His benevolence knows no bounds. The way he doles out money to assist those in need makes Christianity beautiful. I am glad to be an Omega child and *God’s reliable anchor covering everyone* GRACE will forever abide with us

Uchechukwu Caleb Obi writes from Europe

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  1. pls daddy pray for me it’s as if nothing is happening in my family and I want u to pray for my acedemics

  2. pls daddy pray for me it’s as if nothing is happening in my family and I want u to pray for my acedemics

  3. Good evening sir. Please sir, I need you to intervene in my family, I’m an orphan and the suffering my family is too much, I’m tired and I don’t want to ask God why. Please sir, I need your help.

  4. Good morning sir, I had a dream and in it, is like God gave you the key to my family’s problem. U mentioned all we are going thru and prayed for us after some times all u said came to pass and we came to testify. Sir have never had this kind of dream before, Sir i hardly watch your program, listen to your message or read snout you but I saw you prophesying to our lives. Sir I believed if we are opportune to meet you we will definitely testify

  5. Am so much worried about how my life is going ups and downs no stability at all, losses of jobs, if the comments here are really attended to please have compassion on me , and look in to my family linage , i belief something is wrong some where. which i can not disclose here

  6. Good day Pastor,
    It is my pleasure to writ to you.Honestly i have never meet you or see you in person. but only in social media.I want to share with you the dream i had last night. Last night i saw you in my dream i came to your church and i wanted to sit at the front sit i said to myself no here is the pastors sit in that dream, thoroughly it was in the pastors sit. So i leave the place and want to congregation place 2nd to the front sit and sit-down, as i was coming to sit in that congregation sit you counted money and give to one of your church member telling the person to give me the money after church service you even call me by my name and i was so surprise and full of joy in that dream and i wake up with the joy and pray, And i started looking for a way to share this dream with you. Please Man of God i have been out of the country for 8years now in malay and Thailand,having ups and down. nothing to write home about.Please pray for me for financial breakthrough in my life. Thanks and God Bless you in Jesus Name. Amen

  7. Good morning sir I am a Cameroonian residing in Cameroon please Man of God I need directions in ministry I have the call of God and I have battle with it for so long what I want Sir is a word for me from God that will give me directions

  8. Daddy I dreamed u gave me stick sweet and lick it sir what is the meaning of that and it was only me u give in the congregation

  9. Papa;Hood evening sir
    I have been watching you online and I haven’t met you in are a real servant of God.can I have your personal bank account number so I can be paying

  10. I have tried sending a text to the 2348101113333 number and no response.Pls who knows the right number. Pls help.

  11. good morning sir,am a son watching you since i came to know about you sir,am a pastor with the city of true worship revival church abuja.a friend to one of your pastor named…. pastor PETER ENEJI, of OMEGA FIRE MINISTRY UROMI 1 SIR,please sir i desire the God’s grace upon you sir. i just need a word from you. thank you sir.

  12. Please stop against the man of God if give false prophesy that is between hi and God so wath concerned you the God that kill mirriam has not changed till today just because she spoke Moses Nigerians be careful I warn again

  13. my names are john flash stephen,i dreamt on the 24th night throught 25th of may,2017 morning when i saw you in my dreams and we bace friend and went along to a social place and after that along the way you offered a person like i know your jacket and she rejected it and while i was in the car with some people,i now beckon the lady to come and when she came i spoed to her to collect the jacket giving to her by you thaat you are an apostle of god to be precise apostle johnson suleman and she took to my advice and was like going back to search for you for agreeing.and we became really friend with you.i dont know what this dream stands for man of god?

  14. good morning Papa, my name is Joseph pls papa decree on my daughter she has been coughing for the past 5month and all the medical support were abortive .pls say a WORD .

  15. good evening sir,I have been offered a job from Indonesia and I want you to prophesy if the job is genuine or not.

  16. apostle Suleiman is right here in Auchi Edo state and is not easy to see him face to face or else in sunday service…try to attend his service

  17. If to urinate is not difficult wht prevent fowl frm passing urine?.R u pie not human being like suleman how man souls have u saved and many times did u pray in a month?hypocrite piple and ingreat

  18. Man of God please help me doctor said that i need kidney transplant and that it will cost me around # 7,000,000 and i don’t have any means to get it.

  19. Dear pastor, am really sorry to bother you but i have because this situation is bigger than me, i am at Federal medical centre (F M C) Asaba Delta state, my wife’s is in a cretical condition right now, She has not urinated for some days now and her stomach, her legs and her face are all swollen, the doctors said she needs a kidney infection, and this transplant will cost us # 7,000,000, dialisis will costing us# 80,000 every week, i pleeding to u and every children of God to help us, i am begging u all, we just got married August 2017 here and she became sick a day after the marriage her name is Odumah Anthonia Ifeonukwu, we leave in Asaba, presently we are in the Federal medical centre Asaba looking on to Jesus Christ.

  20. Daddy good morning Sir.
    Please Sir, I need urgent prayers. I want your GOD to grant me admission into the University of my choice to study Law this year.

  21. sir,is your son prophet stanley i need to get in touch with you, i live in uk, i spoke to you some time ago, u said to me to get back to you, my number 447405374468,

    thanks you sir

    • Good morning sir,
      Can I have your Facebook account or any other so as to speak to you. Thanks

  22. Dadi please pray for my brother and his ministry to grow his one of your Son’s Rv Joseph waja resurrection action ministry international Ghana, and his life will never be the same.please his fan raising is next two weeks in support of Church building please helped us in prayer .and me to also get work to do to end a living and job again
    Thank you my number is 0240471534 and my brother number is 0243561476

  23. Please dadi I need your prayer to over come all powers of darkness and to over come all strong men and women in mylife and in my family through this I won’t to come and give testimony when you

  24. Hello daddy please I need your prayers over the life of my husband he is correctly in Nigeria because of the sickness we don’t know where the attack’s are coming from, he has been having appointments to met you personal but still not be able to met with you. Please daddy pray for him to get well and to be free from those attacks and also pray for me and my children we are here waiting for his return and please also pray for the house we are leaving here In germany because we have been told that someone has spoiled the house we are leaving here in Germany and the one we are building at home please daddy i believe in your prayers help me daddy because i have also been accused in so many ways please help me to prove my innocence thank you daddy i will really like to here from you daddy.

  25. My daddy the prophet of our time,sir pray for me and my family for healing and deliverance for I need god intervention in my life,sir if possible I will like to see u face to face sir.I will be so much happy if my request is granted.thanks may the almighty god continue to use u for his people.

  26. I am not only asking for your prayer but also asking to meet with you even if it’s only ONE minute cos my family here in Japan is turning up-side-down since I visiting home(Nigeria) early this year. We now live as cat and rat.

  27. Dady please pray for me and my family for devine healing sir,may the almighty god use you to remember my family.may testimony never pass me by,in Jesus name.

  28. Daddy pls I need help pls I don’t have document and I want u to pray for me so dat day can give me my document daddy pls help me am writing from Italy

  29. Daddy I am here for over 2yrs now in italy no document day denied me of document and any lawyer I give day don’t accept it daddy somebody wants to help me now daddy pls pray for me so dat day well accept me did time not to reject me again daddy I hope on u u have bee doing it to others not to talk of me ur dedicated son omega in cuneo branch Italy head of ushering department more grace daddy

  30. I need a miracle to avoid dropping out of school. I try many times to take my life because nobody seems to care

  31. Man of God good day. I am subscrbe to your show and even have a few friends enjoying it also.I am 59 years old and hoping to be in your Audience before I reach 60 years old.I am asking u to pray for a financial break through for me. So.I can be in the audience

  32. Good morning sir,
    Please pray for me that my spiritual eyes will be opened and gracious anointing on my life and ministry.
    Secondly; Sir I will love to have a contact with your prophetic grace.
    Thanks sir

  33. Papa please sir pray for me that God should heal me and brake the curse of death by one disease upon the first sons in my family sir this disease has taken five away among the seven first sons in my family, please l believe the God you serve can brake this curse and heal me sir please pray for me 070*****81

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