Meet Sonia Ali, Kim Kardashian Look Alike In Dubai UAE [PHOTOS]

sonia ali kim kardashian lookalike

Feb 3rd, 2016 – Meet Sonia Ali, Dubai Blogger Who Look Like Kim Kardashian[PICTURES]

Check out this beautiful Arab lady who looks exactly like Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

Sonia, a Dubai-based beauty blogger said she is enjoying the same celebrity attention AS Kim Kardashian from people who think she is Kim.

Hear what Sonia told Buzzfeed recently;

“I always get it at airports and when I’m shopping, more when I visit the USA.”“I have never seen it but my family and friends always would say there was a resemblance. Regardless of what look I go for, there will always be that one person who mentions that I look like her.”

Check out her photos and be the judge

sonia ali kim kardashian look alike dubai

The resemblance is too much. #yeye dey smell #Kim K’s #1 addict

12 thoughts on “Meet Sonia Ali, Kim Kardashian Look Alike In Dubai UAE [PHOTOS]

  1. This is the most-striking look-alike published here so far. I actually thought she was Kim. And Shantel, I don’t see how this makes her a fake.

  2. @Fairjudge God bless you, I don’t know what Nigerians like about this fool that I will not hear word. Rubbish

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