Mercy Aigbe Planning To Get Husband Jailed, She Is A Wicked Liar- Family Insider


mercy aigbe husband jailed

May 5, 2017 – Mercy Aigbe Is Tired Of Marriage & Wants To Move On From Her Husband By Force – Family Insider

Mercy Aigbe Is A Wicked Liar, She Is Planning To Send Her Husband To Jail- Family Insider

No matter how hard we try, we still can’t get over the fact that one of Nigeria’s most loved actresses is in a mess that is getting messier by the minute. Mercy Aigbe’s marriage crisis is becoming a scandal day by day.

Before the sad news of the crisis in her life, Mercy’s life had been cozy in its own little way at least to the outside world.

A doting husband, a blooming business, a big career, beautiful children, fame and beauty; she seemed to be the perfect woman with all the package.

Until the photo that now keeps haunting us!

Sources who are very close to the family have sworn that there is more to the issue than what the media is being fed.

An anonymous source revealed also that “Mercy is just tired of the married life and wants to move on”

mercy aigbe is tired of her marriage

However, we find it hard to believe that Mercy Aigbe would be dumping the Gentry name just to be free. A name that has been her umbrella for seven years and given her the respect a woman craves. The name that has also sheltered her older daughter Michelle!

The truth is, it is no longer just a mess, it is a very ugly mess! Is Mercy willing to sacrifice her career for whatever cause she is fighting for?

According to our source, “Mercy is making a great mistake. Uncle Larry has enough evidences to destroy her career…” Its saddening that people who once swore to love and cherish could also become sworn enemies…spilling secrets they once shielded with their lives!

Lanre Gentry has said the actress is mentally unstable: a fact or a farce?

Mercy Aigbe has not posted in over 24 hours! A sacrilege!

The police seem to be after Lanre Gentry…will this ever be OK for Mercy?

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