Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Failed Marriage: My Mother-In-Law Breaks My First Marriage

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Dec 2nd, 2012 – Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Failed First Marriage – My Mother-In-Law Forced Me To Leave My Husband

Beautiful Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe, a caring mother of two children has narrated why she left her first husband in this interview with Showtime Celeb..

In the recent interview with Showtime Celebrity, the actress said her first mother-in-law who didn’t like her forced her to give up on her first husband.

The sexy actress who said her ex mother-in-law gave her hell said she didn’t make any mistake in her first marriage. Mercy Aigbe said the troubled she passed through in her first matrimonial home was caused by hatred she suffered from her then mother-in-law.

Interview excerpt below:

So what were those mistakes you made in the last one that you wouldn’t want to repeat in this one?

It’s not like I’m trying to sound holy but, I didn’t make any mistake. I just feel it was meant to be like that. I had a mother-in-law who didn’t like where I come from. She didn’t like the fact that her son didn’t marry a lady from their village. She made me go through hell. At a point when I couldn’t take it any more, I left the marriage.

So you wouldn’t blame those ladies who wish their mother-in-laws were dead before they got married?

I swear I wouldn’t blame them. If I think back to what I went through, I wouldn’t pray for anyone to go through such because I went through hell in the hands of that woman. And for me to have woken up one day and decided to leave, it wasn’t easy because I was young and tried my best to please her. But she wasn’t pleased. I went out of my way to learn their language, learn how to cook different dishes just to please her but she didn’t budge.

So what did your ex-husband do about it?

At first, he actually fought it but some women have a strong hold on their sons. In the end, he obeyed her. He didn’t like it that I was leaving but he couldn’t hold me back at the same time because he wanted to please his mum. We had fought the battle for a long time and it wasn’t as if it would come to an end, I had to leave.

Mother-in-law palava.

Can anyone relate with this?

21 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Failed Marriage: My Mother-In-Law Breaks My First Marriage

    • Pleasee oh, no matter what you went through, dont pray for death for your mother or father in-law oh.

      What goes around comes around oh.

      Womennnnnnnn God will help us.

  1. I pray for you may almighty Allah provide your heart desire for you. Is a pity, and i like this girl.

  2. It is not a good prayer to wish death for your mother in-law to be before you marry her son, just because some mothers are over possessive of their sons. Dont you want to witness your own son getting married too?

    • Roy jus av to tell dt i will luv to av any woman frm any country State or tribe, if both of them love each mum luv all her sons wife am frm Edo state and married to Kwara and to tell u d truth s nt easy so for me am going to luv anyone my son said he’s going to goin to support and luv her and i pray he did nt marry any devil sent any mother inlaw dt will nt giv me rest in my husband house God will call her to his place

  3. Parents should leave their children alone, it is a pity you have to go through that but God knows better. At least it is an history now, your ex isn’t man enough for him to dance to the tune of his mother. God will provide a better man for you.


  5. We heard Mercy was thrown out of the guys house,and they were never married,the mother in la did not like her because she did not trust mercy and she did something that made the guy push her out

  6. pls stop lying,we haeard she tried jazz on her first husband but unfortunately for her,the guys mom was stronger,he never actually married her,the guy is happily married with kids,people that went to unilag all know the story,mercy was humiliated out of the guys house in lekki because of her diabolical ways

  7. “oloko marun koni duro lori eyokan, ohun tati ko atiko na”my prayer for is that God will give you ur own soulmate.

  8. don’t judge anyone cuz u weren’t der whn it happened.mke una komot wth una I heard dis I hed dat.mtcheeeew…

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