Mercy Johnson Banned By Nollywood Movie Marketers For Being Too Expensive

mercy johnson banned movie marketers

Nov 3rd, 2013 – Expensive Mercy Johnson Banned By Nollywood Movie Marketers

Mercy Johnson Banned By Nigerian Movie Marketers For Being The Highest Paid Nollywood Actress

So mama Purity has finally spoken up on her expected ban in 2014 by the association of Nigerian movie marketers for being too expensive.

The talented actress who is now the highest paid actress in Nollywood charges around 1.8 to 2 million per movie while others like Funke Akindele and Genny charge between 700 to 1.2 million naira.

The busy mother of one took to her Twitter page yesterday to blast the marketers for trying to spoil her market.

Yes she acknowledged her expensive bid however, she has advised the marketers to go for other actresses who are less expensive than her.

Hear Mercy Johnson in her own words below:

Hmmmm….most expensive…its God o Wats wrong when u keep quiet till u no wats up?no petition,no complain just fees those who can’t afford heineken should stick with ‘Kai kai’ And those who can’t afford designers should stick to ‘okirika'” #stillsippingmakunuchampagne#
Even with all d paying press to diss me, I still came dis far,take d back sit babe’s, behind me is where u belong so back off and quit tryin.”

Wait a minute why should movie marketers ban her when other actresses who are even more talented than Mercy Johnson are staying jobless.

Even Tonto Dikeh with all her shakara no fit charge this much.

In the past, Nigerian movie marketers have banned Richard Mofe Damijo, Genevieve Nnaji, Jim Iyke, Emeka Ike and Ramsey Nouah but the ban hasn’t stopped them from progressing in their acting career with the exception of Emeka Ike who was recently hit hard.

Mercy Johnson is a busy actress ooo , I hear she has been fully booked for movie projects till the end of the year.

This is another indication of the messy political game ravaging Nollywood.

Do you support this ban?

53 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Banned By Nollywood Movie Marketers For Being Too Expensive

  1. Yes I support the ban 100% pride goes before fall
    I noticed Mercy Johnson is too proud these days
    She never attends any of our function
    yes am a Nollywood star

  2. Her ban is politically motivated
    some folks who are jealous of MJ have a hand in this
    I believe Omotola is behind all these show because Mercy Johnson has sent her packing from Nollywood

    • Martin where are u when others are growing up???? Am shading tears on ur behalf….hw can u say mj sent omosexy packing.?? Olodo please wakeup mbok….u cnt compare barcelona with enyimba biko….omo is now playing internationl league….

      • visit dis site daily 2 read nd knw watsup, i hardly comment but will comment on dis bcuz i luv MJ, d way she interprets evry role given 2 her. d ban is unnecessary, if producers can’t afford her dey shud simply stick 2 d ones dey can pay nd like she said “dose who cn’t afford designers shud stick 2 okirika” Bigger u i pray. AMEN. Luv u wella

      • supported, Mercy J no fit smell omotola back at all, she is far away from omosexy bcs she still my favorite, doing mature tins with matured people, for mercy indeed she deserved the highest paid bcs she is doing her best in acting, but d truth is that I don’t like most of her movie bcs of too much falking, kissing etc she is indeed kezire.

  3. Biko marketers pls don’t ban her o
    Mercy Johnson husband is a jobless man
    She is the only caretaker in her family
    I no want little purity to suffer o
    Temper justice with mercy abeg

    • @Tina,u no well.Prince Ody dey bumble witf his oil n gas business.abeg make u leave d man alone..hahahahahaha

  4. Mj didn’t put a gun on their head for the price,they know her worth and what she brings to their the ban is of use because they will be back for her and this time I expects to see 2.5 million or nothing .that’s why it pays to be good in what you do.keep rocking mama purity but don’t be rude to your fans.I dey enjoy you pass.

  5. Ok oo if you cant afford Nike you go for Mike. What is the problem. Leave the girl alone she is talented and you cant afford her thats it.

  6. There ban is completely useless and will not work in Jesus name oo , far as the producer is not losing and makes their gain after all payment,she must not be ban.she will never ever live from grace to grass because is a sin and she makes us happy with her services and will never be unhappy in Jesus name.

  7. With all she has been doing, affecting her generation positively with her money!!!!! God no go let this ban work……….e no go work in Jesus name amen.

  8. Silly people. Is she not worth more than that? She charges and she delivers!mercy my love, don’t mind these people. Let them go and see how much hollywood actors are being paid just for showing up!enemies of progess INC.

  9. Make una chill guys…her ban is blessing to her and great loss to the mkters….u remember when dey ban miss nnaji…where is jenny now???they ban mofe..where is mofe now…they ban omosexy…where is the sexy lady now…all on higher ground….is time for mj to move to higher level…international league….tho we need her localy here..but she mst move on….we love u mj

  10. For my own opinion banding mercy John from nolly wood because she is too expensive is not a good decision,you people should better discus with her in a proper well to convince her with reasonable amount don to stop using her from nolly wood.

  11. Tina labella u talk like smebdy witout no brain shay na u dey d husband bnk acc wen u take knw §a̶̲̥̅̊γ̲̣̣̥ e. Dey jobless y do u enjoy bringing people down d house d husband bought for her at Aja shay na u̶̲̥̅̊Я̲̅ papa pay for am plz use u̶̲̥̅̊Я̲̅ head to tink not u̶̲̥̅̊Я̲̅ anus

  12. Nollywood Movie Stars deserve better guys, seriously… its time for them to start acting worldwide. May be in some of the sopies around the world. Lets take south Africa for an example “generation soapie” lets support guys…. so i”ll say the charges does not really matters cause you guys want a perfect acting anyway. aCTING WAS NEVER EASY

    • @princesaam,I totally agreed with you.Acting is not an easy job.Recently a scene from her upcoming movies was posted on the internet,where she was being dragged in a mould,dirty water,filled with loads of bacteria,can tonto be that professional?mercy j o,is such a second Genevieve,she is a genius.Mercy is good at what she does,so no amount is too small for paying her services.she is an exceptional you mama purity.iAnd as for ope ifa,am sure you wanna say u act in localwood,not nollywood,and as for you Tina,am sure your name is affecting ur brain.Tiin brain,amount to nothing.Mj hubby aids from a royal family with loads of wealth.infact he swims in it,and talking of oil and gas,he is well known there.He is an humble man,and a man of little words.Empty barren make the loudest noise.Tina think,don’t be a dullard.Bluff.

        • Oluwadunni you have spoken the truth, who among these fine fine ladies can take the roles this young woman passes through? to be dragged in mud??? it wasn’t easy and we from far saw the love of what she knows how to do best in her. so guys pay her

  13. Communication n negotiation is de deal… Stop complaining n n do what’s right. Like she say whose who can not wear designers can stick with okrika…. She is talented…

  14. Mj is d bomb and wil always be. Let her be, so dat she can enjoy her God given talents. Ride on BABYOKU. Marketers go search 4 new and talented ones. Da are lots of nw and undiscovered talents out da. Get dem and start using dem b4 d get 2 Mj’s level. If u can’t offord her go 4 cheap ones like TONTO DIKE.

  15. pls u guys shd not ban mj, i love her sooooo much, she is different from the other actresses, shes real en no dey borrow pose

  16. Thought omotola was asking fo 4.5m naira…. N wat international league is she in?!!!!!! Havnt seen her in any international movie….

  17. she is a professional , i do not think this ban would affect her , because she can set up her own business , she is capable of being a movies director . nollywood would be a looser without her , they can never find anyone that would be like her , because she act as if it is real . i would say to you mercy , please just get on with your life and do not give a damn to all those jealous hookers . ha har haaaaaaaaa


  19. Tonto dike and omotola are totally behind dis flat ass no caracta no talanted urgly tonto and grand mother of all 55 years omotola u people are jelos of my m.j u people should go and hug transformer mj is far far beter dan u all nonsece

  20. This is my first time to heaar she’s the highest paid, know it”s tonto that spoilt her market jealous girl, Mj everthing is gonna be alright k

    • Make una no try am ooo cus soup wey sweet na money kill am una dey jealous of her abi good go punish una if una do so mama p ride on we dey there for ya dumebi !!! Valentino say so I beg make una remember us ooo marketers no be una need better things

  21. MJ is real and can compete with nobody. I adre you Mercy. Leave those people and do what you know best. You are natural talented.

  22. MJ aka mama P don worry the same God whom you testify about all the time, who brought you to where you are will still take you higher beyond enemies imaginations. said Beaty Toni

  23. M.j…….whom i am 2 jurge u,but ur words are full of pride,i cant believe dis words are 4rm ur mouth,there are more beta ways 2 approach such issues,1 of ur admirer.

  24. Who are the marketers? and who are the producer? anyway i don’t need an answer if MJ is banned by marketers, then let her swish into production and forget the so called marketers that cannot even spell their names correctly let alone acting. MJ go into production and i promise ill market all your movies in europe. Marketers my foot.

  25. pls let them leave mj alone pls cos i luv her and her role as wel pls producer think twice on ur actions and pardon her is her right so look on it wel and no wht u cn do abt it pls

  26. E be lyk say de person wey won ban MJ jst de com out 4rm wia he or she wen’t 2 smoke igboo c weda u be producer ooh or pursuerooh. mind ur self. we de MJ fans will nt wen I said will nt we will nt lyk 2 hear or percive dis illegal msg again abeg.he/she who wan pursue MJ shld get ready 4 de name storm 4 u mumu ope ife abi weting u call ur self bewarned?

  27. Ope ifa god punish u (the devil in nollywood ) and ur mother inlaw. Y are so jealous of other people’s achievements. Mj is worth more than dat change dy are complaining of

  28. Seriously let’s stop abusing each other,people are pouring out their opinions and if u do not like it,u correct he/she’s mistakes………..anyway to my own opinion I like mj so much.she is always real,she doesn’t form big in movies,at least to me she is still the best,but come to think of it,we are in naija she shouldn’t be charging too much,actually they are not only for her but to all the actors and actresses in the movie.if they ban her who among us can beg on her behalf,banning won’t do her good..she shud just think about it and as well try to meet the demands of her movie marketers……… u mamap

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