Mercy Johnson Flat Tummy Slimming & Detox Tea, Agunmu Jedi Herbal Weight Loss Brand Selling Like Crazy

mercy johnson agunmu detox tea

MJ Hits Another Deal After Launching Health & Fitness Brand Mercy Magic

Mercy Johnson Flat Tummy Slimming Tea, Agunmu Jedi Herbal Weight Loss Brand Selling Like Crazy

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson who understands the need for weight loss among Nigerians has ventured into the lucrative health and fitness industry.

The actress who launched her own Health and Fitness brand last month has released new weight loss products into the market.

Even though the actress is not a fitness expert, she is now using her killer figure to lure Nigerians to buy her products (smart marketing move).

mercy johnson flat tummy slimming tea

Her latest products, Mercy Magic Flat Tummy tea  and detox tea are now selling like crazy.

Here is how the actress introduced the slimming brands to fans.

Most of these products you see celebrities sell online are blended herbs the Yorubas call Agunmu Jedi.

If you can’t trust the poor Iya Alagunmus in the market, you can buy it if superstar like Mercy Johnson packages it and sell it to you.

mercy johnson agunmu jedi

All you are buying is packaging.

Our dear Mercy Johnson and other hustlers out there are really smart.

A quick warning, if you depend on these products alone for weight loss without exercise or strict diet, it won’t work.

Mercy Johnson you see today don’t eat solid food like Iyan Amala or fufu. She recently embraced a vegan diet to maintain her figure.

If you wanna be like Mercy Johnson or other hotties out there, stop eating heavy Naija foods.

Embrace an active lifestyle, eat more green leafy vegetables, cut down your carb intake (white rice, white bread,etc), do portion control (eat smaller portions) take a lot of fiber and register in a gym.

If you can’t afford the gym, get a treadmill and something like AB lounge if you want to have six packs like me **wink**.

Use the treadmill at least 30 minutes daily and do 50 AB Lounge workouts (This is what I do daily or at least 3 times a week).

Meanwhile, the mother of two will next weekend host the 3rd edition of “Handle It Africa” conference at the Oriental Hotel, VI Lagos.

12 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Flat Tummy Slimming & Detox Tea, Agunmu Jedi Herbal Weight Loss Brand Selling Like Crazy

  1. dis is why I like this blog, you tell the truth in a jovial manner.
    Thanks Merci for encouraging us to trust the grounded herb seller. I better hit the market fast and get loads of it to start selling online myself

  2. in short, Mercy Johnson is now iya alagunmu d online herb seller. I can’t come and die, dis writer self

  3. What did Mercy Johnson do to deserve this humiliation. I hope she won’t sue this blog for talking down on her

  4. Greetings to you, my name is Elizabeth Emmanuel Chiroma from Maiduguri here in Borno State. I really like the flat tummy and slimming tea because I have a very big tummy and my husband use to complain about it. Please how can I get the slimming tea. Thanks

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