Mercy Johnson Okojie To Husband: You Are The Reason I’m Living & My Hope

mercy johnson okojie husband

May 16, 2017  – Mercy Johnson Okojie To Husband: You Are The Reason I’m Living & My Hope

Prince Odianosen Okojie, the allegedly stolen hubby of Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson marked his birthday yesterday.

Many have wondered how the couple managed to survive amidst the controversy surrounding how they met and got married.

Though some kids have been left fatherless by Mercy Johnson’s desperate involvement in Prince Odi’s first marriage, it seems the marriage is getting stronger everyday as the Nollywood actress is determined to make it work by all means even if it takes her life.

This is what the actress revealed to fans yesterday as she took to the social media to shower encomium on Odi who clocked 40.

See the birthday tribute MJ wrote for him yesterday:

17 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Okojie To Husband: You Are The Reason I’m Living & My Hope

  1. My advise for Mercy Johnson if you love a man this much, he will soon take advantage of you. Stop showing him you are desperately in love my 2 kobo

  2. mean what u say and say what u mean…the reason u live is GOD and not man…because if anything goes hay wire{not my wish though} ,u will rush back to the same social media to run him down.

  3. Your hope can only be in God cause human being can fail you anytime. And to think that ur husband is the reason you are alive…..that is simply absurd and unrealistic.

  4. Too much of anything is dangerous, i am smelling something here,insecurity, but wishing you guys well.

    This is how it normally starts, too much praise,then all of a sudden, everything turns opposite.

  5. I think guys this is getting too much now, this everyday post on the media of how u love your men and how he love is getting more irritating.

    • Mbok, make you no minding her. Is how Tonto Dike was do everyday until scatterment do her marriage.

  6. Chai. I am a wisher of say na me wey woman is tolding all this English. It dey very oromantic. Mercy Johnson can posibul to write poem o. I was think say is a poem wey I was reading. But she wowo for that foto. Abeg na who do her that kind of hair. It doesn’t fitting to her. It make her look like wetin Ogun pipul are worship for river.

  7. The devil is not omniscient, but our mouths and behaviors endowed him immensely the power to batter every form of happiness in this world. Folks, WHY CAN’T SANE PEOPLE JUST KEEP QUIET?

  8. The same mouth they have used to praise thier husband, is still the same man they will use to run them down. They keep running cheap advert on the social media about thier homes and fams! Yeyebrity!

  9. Y must u bring ur family life to social media u. Luv him fine let it b between both of u not on d media let people try and hw to. Do without media

  10. @ Mon, you are right, I also feel thesame thing from your point of view. Insecurity can cause this type of force advert. Aside the fact that this lady is a Husband Thief, she‘s also a fool.

    I take a stroll…

    • Mercy my dear please keep ur love to ur husband for ur self, stop saying it and stop show ur self in social media. People are not happy with u. Please hide ur marriage. Stop showcasing

      sing ur love and marriage to d wild

  11. The reason you are living indeed! It means when he dies, you die. When he eventually leaves you just as he left his legal wife and kids, you die. I feel insecurity and she has become afraid of tomorrow.

  12. Mercy mercy mercy, I thought you were wiser than this. I renounce these your words for you in the name of Yeshua. We depend on God not man, please select your words carefully, I know you love him.

  13. This Mercy palava is becoming almost an epidemic. You marry someone else’s husband and now proclaim he is the reason why you are living. Is he Jesus? What should the woman who lost him to you do now? So, if he dies today, will you kill yourself? You are only fooling yourself. What goes round comes around. One day, another woman will be in your place. No condition is permanent, even Permanent Secretary is not permanent. So, keep riding high today but be aware of the law of nemesis.

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