Mercy Johnson Gets Nigerian Passport For Baby Daughter Ahead Of Homecoming

mercy johnson washington dc embassy

March 17, 2013 – Mercy Johnson Secures Baby’s Passport @ The Nigerian Embassy In Washington DC

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson who is obviously having a blast in the United States of America is at the conclusive stage of departure.

The mother of one visited the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC on Friday to secure a Nigerian passport for her little baby girl, Purity Ozioma Okojie in order to travel back home.

Below is what the mother of one said on her recent visit to Washington, DC

“Obama has nothing on me peeps, am proud to be a Nigerian,just left d Nigerian  embassy in Washington DC. My God they were all so welcoming. Am most  honored

9 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Gets Nigerian Passport For Baby Daughter Ahead Of Homecoming

  1. Mercy johnson stop dey disturb us wit dat ur baby wai b lyk person wai dey smoke weed**is it everytin dat u wil say? Nw waitin u want mak we comment?

    • you dont just open ur smelling looking mouth and start running it like a trailer that failed brake. you are just ****** jealous mother f***ker. hate it or love it, she is a star so deal with it and stop HATING on her.

  2. You for born pickin for naija hospital since you are proud to be a naija. You pickin no go be US citizen oh! Ah ejoh oh, dem don stop am! Na me be the last pickin wey dem born before dem stop am

  3. Mercy congratulation,please come back to the United States to pay your duu tax since proud to be a Nigerian.

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