Mikel Obi Distracted By Hot Brazilian Girl In Bikini During Interview (Photo)

mikel obi babe in bikini

July 4th, 2013  – Mikel Obi Distracted By Hot Brazilian Babe In Bikini During Live TV Interview (Picture)

Nigerian Super Eagles player & Chelsea Midfielder Mikel Obi was recently caught on live camera peeping at a hot Brazilian girl walking beside him during a TV interview.

Caught by the attention of the beautiful babe in bikini, the single footballer couldn’t but gaze.

What a bad distraction so obvious for the whole world to see on a live TV.

Before Mikel Obi fall for hand, make him go marry quick oooo cos body no be firewood.

17 thoughts on “Mikel Obi Distracted By Hot Brazilian Girl In Bikini During Interview (Photo)

  1. oyibo de always carry our mind comot for our business..i tre o.brazil no be oyibo shaa.na espanol dem be and speaks portuges

  2. Mikel is a man, after all single so why not, who can question him he does not have a wife.

  3. He’s a man so he av 2 luk wen he c beautiful gel, more ova, he av 2 appriciate d gud work of God.

  4. Is better u hold urself and be determined cos Marital institution is far far beyond ur career, be careful

  5. WELL,the guy is still single and above all a football star.His supposed tobe carried away by that beautiful body.My guy go ahead.

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