Mikel Obi Laments Single Status: ” Finding A Good Wife To Marry Is Very Difficult”

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March 31st, 2013 – Mikel Obi Laments Single Status: ” Finding A Good Wife To Marry Is Very Difficult”

Nigerian footballer Mikel John Obi who recently escaped a viral wedding rumour is now lamenting his single status.

In this recent interview with Kayode Tijani, Mikel Obi said it’s very difficult finding a good woman who truely loves him to marry.

Mikel Obi further said he is very confused about his choice of a life partner and has decided to handle everything over to God.

When queried about his relationship status, below is what the Chelsea Midfielder said;

I know, normal people don’t go through what I am going through now when it concerns finding a Wife to marry, normal people don’t at all. Believe me it’s so so difficult, very difficult, it’s so so difficult you just have to leave it to God. To find someone who truly loves you, there might be someone who really loves me truly for who I am but I may not be aware but maybe you don’t know but you may think she’s one of them people that loves you for who you are or what you have, because of your money, but maybe she’s there for you, you never know, you get so confused, now I have decided I will just leave it to God to decide who I get married to.

Last week we learnt Mikel Obi was to get married to Delta soap model Sandra Okagbue but he later debunked the story.

87 thoughts on “Mikel Obi Laments Single Status: ” Finding A Good Wife To Marry Is Very Difficult”

  1. The problem wit celebrities is dat they will not look for a simple girl to marry, they are always looking for society babes or high class babes to marry. Let him disguise himself and he will get a wife to marry.

    • Very true what u said. Celebrities always aim high,they want babes with names. Mikel plz come back to jos and marry zee girl who was there when u had nothing leave all this gold diggers

  2. The sayings are true but ma man God blessed you so much that you should get someone as wife now. Whoever it is must be acquainted with your style if not with time then; with who you are and what you have because they all commands.

  3. Happy Easter to you what i have to say here is finding the right person to settle down with is truely a difficult one i am single presently and not a celebrity but still id say committing to God is the right decision.

  4. mikel my guy…if d delta soap girl is single…u two can well hook up, two of u fit each other wella…but if not, good luck in finding ur missing rib.

  5. If u wnt a good gal u will not find it ma bro. It u dat will make ur gal 2 b gud as u want her 2 b.

  6. Happy Easter to you mikel obi, believe it or not, there is nothing our LORD JESUS CHRIST can not do, all you just have to do is to believe in him trust in him, keep to his commandment, and make sure your hands are clean, and you will deffinately experience the hansome power of GOD in your life.

  7. Happy Easter to NaijaGists.com i pray that the almighty, GOD will continue to protect and guide you all, and give the entire management and staffs of NaijaGists.com in JESUS.?

  8. Its gud 2 comit in God’s hnd bt God cnt send a wif 2 u 4rm heavn Mikel bt ur faitfulnes nd humblnes nd i advis u, if u rily wnt a gud wif liv celebrity out of dis case, lok 4 a gil who dnt knw u, u can evn claim of havin no money b4 her.

  9. Guy if u dey fine beta wife, luk for the ones when never open eye. The high class one go chop your money then divorce u at the end. Leaving u to start all over again

  10. you havent searched well. you still poking your eyes up high. untill you come down, you still wont get. if you see a good girl without money, will you marry. NO!!! you wont even let her get near you.

  11. Mikel, am d answers to ur problems. I got many wife material girls all around me! holla me lets talk! u can fine me on facebook by ma name above!

  12. My dear pray to God nd differentiate ur self from bad tins bcos we girls sometimes get surprised about d kind of tins dat our guys do. celebrities only go for girl de think d hv money ride big cars wit beautiful manson nd forget pple who hv notn to offer.cool down pray to God nd look for d right girl who will manage ur wealth against future nd also be a happiness to u dats all I hv for u.

  13. You can fool the masses but you cannot fool them all the time.these guy is not ready to marry he is just making an excuse or probably a news maker.

  14. Maybe in your clan there was a man who died without a wife. The spirit of that man has descended on you. Find TB JOSHUA to help you.


  16. Mikel, cast ur care upon God 4 He care. Pray more dn’t choose by beauty. Let God lead u. It is well in Jesus. God wil ans our prayers


  18. mikel my guy,what u did was good,just put everything into god hands,and i pray that very soon god will provide you a good wife that will truly love you.

    • dear mikel u can get a good girl for a wife if only u ll be true to urself. good people are not made in hheaven but here on earth, every person need true love and care. fine a simple homely girl and love her with sincere heart believe u me the power of love will change ur view over situation. happy search to happy ond and may God see u through.

  19. Guy mek u find wife marry ,time no wait for anybody ooo.wife full ground,even those dat u are dating now but if u no fit choose ask u mother to look 4 one home girl 4 u if datz what u want. Girls be wise

  20. Mikel, u are looking for a good wife. Are u good? No one is good,only almighty God, cos we all are sinners and make mistakes in life. So if u ar lookin for a wife,look 4 the one who would understand very well ur profession as a footballer first and what it entails. And if she is not good to ur test, then teach her to be good to ur level.

  21. well am a good looking girl wit d fear of God.i will marry you if you will marry me also.

  22. Well, we’re in the same shose, it’s not only in the high class but also in the low class please be courageous.

  23. Hi Mikel u rite a good woman comes from God n these days it’s difficult fo sho to get a person who loves u for u. Keep prayin and also ask God to make u a better person, be a good husband and lover to your wife. God is faithful if u surely put yo trust in Him he will give u a good wife. All the best lil bro!

  24. Guy you have to disguise,put your case in God’s hand,take celebrety out of it,go for a common girl, and make her whatever you want.

  25. Everytin in life, no one is gud all is evil says mathew 7vs….wey me self dnt knw. D solution to ur synario is to go 4 wat makes u happi. No one is perfect every1 made mistake. All gals don manyan ooo,even u bring her up she go still fuck u up 1day but if u think dat u won’t have any to marry. Just go 4 ur drive and always pray…. One luv 2 u boss

  26. Mikel, I know its not possible for me to ever meet you but I just like you and everything about you.07082181995

  27. A little tune can make u sing,A little hug can make u feel better some little things can make u happy,Hope my little disturbance will make u smile i will always value u deep within my heart i luv u mikel only God can see my heart pls giv me a chance i will prove it to u my no is 08101975451:

  28. Luv is a friend who even hurts u but neva hurt a friend who loves u sacrifice everything for a friend but neva sacrifice a friend for anything i value my frnds more than i value my lyf so wen i say u are my frnd it’s just as gud as saying u are my lyf i am here for just 2 moments NOW & FOREVER I LOVE U MIKEL 08101975451

  29. I knw i wil neva get d chance to meet u mikel cuz am nt a celebrity but cant express my feelins am jst shot of words dnt knw wat to say but if u wnt to knw me u can send me an email@evelynoguh@yahoo.com hope u get dis comment tanks

  30. Dear mikel any body can say anything to capture ur heart but i want u to knw dat God sees d heart of every one wat i feel for u is undescribable i may not belong to ur class but i want u to knw dat money cannot buy true love or hapiness.

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