Missing NNPC Staff’s Corpse Found In Abuja; Killers & Witch Doctor Arrested

missing nnpc staff murdered

January 31, 2014 – Missing NNPC Staff, Sylvester Emefiele Found Murdered In Abuja; Armed Robbers & Witch Doctor Arrested

Police officials in Abuja have resolved the murder case of Mr Sylvester Emefiele, an NNPC staff who was declared missing a long time ago.

The employee of the Transformation Office of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was murdered. His killers and their accomplice have been arrested.

The two men that killed him: 30-year old Timothy Abidemi Lekan, alias Leksit, and 41-year old Akinlade Taiwo are currently in police detention.

The witch-doctor, Saidi Babatunde from Osun State, who was implicated by the suspects for preparing criminal charms for them was equally arrested.

Police detectives at the murder scene.

The suspects

“On receiving this complaint through the Police email platform – policemonitor@npf.gov.ng, the Inspector-General of Police promptly ordered a discreet and comprehensive investigation into the case,” the statement said.

“Subsequently, detectives from the FSARS led by DCP Chris Ezike swung into action, and through systematic and high-level investigative technique, tracked down one Olaniyi Banjo, a 20-year old resident of Ilesa, Osun State, who bought the Blackberry phone of the deceased from one of the principal suspects, Akindele Taiwo. The sustained surveillance and investigative efforts of the police led to the arrest of the masterminds of the crime on 8thJune, 2013.” – said the police spokesman

The police further said that Lekan and Taiwo made very useful statements in connection with the disappearance, robbery and killing of Mr. Emefiele.

“The suspects equally led detectives to the scene of crime – a bush close to the Iddo Campus of the University of Abuja – where the abandoned and totally decomposed remains of the deceased, now mere skeletal parts, were recovered. A detailed forensic examination including DNA analysis has confirmed that the recovered remains were actually those of Mr. Sylvester Emefiele. Other personal effects of the deceased, including cash, ATM cards, Laptop, Blackberry phones, cheque books, personal apparels, etc were also recovered.”

The investigation revealed that on his way from Lagos to Abuja, the late Emefiele, in Giri, Gwagwalada Area Council of the FCT boarded a Nissan Sunny Saloon Car driven by Taiwo who further picked his accomplice, Lekan, at about 8pm on 23rd September, 2012.

The unsuspecting passenger was subsequently subdued, led to the bush, and robbed.

“The suspects confirmed that they had earlier forced the deceased to disclose the Personal Identification Number of all his ATM cards which enabled them to make an initial withdrawal of N186,000 from his Zenith Bank, First Bank and GT-Bank accounts at Gwagwalada. On seeing that their victim still had an outstanding balance of over Eight Hundred thousand naira (N800,000.00), the robbers chose to kill Mr. Sylvester Emefiele by binding his wrists with twine and hitting his chest with their Talisman and other dangerous weapons until they were sure that their victim’s life had fizzled out. Thereafter, they continued making illicit withdrawals from the victim’s accounts until they were apprehended by the Police.”

Commending the investigating policemen, the Inspector-General of Police called on the public to be wary of the kind of vehicles they enter in order to avoid falling victim to hoodlums. He also promised increased visibility of the Police on Nigeria’s highways through intensive vehicular patrols especially at nights. [Source]

What a wicked world!

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  1. Nkan mbe ni ile aye yio. People are so wicked.
    How can you kill a fellow human being when you have blood running in your veins. Black people with black mind. RIP Sylvester

  2. Indeed, dis world is wicked, Y then a we struglin 4 mas wealt in world when de pp & evrybody there in a full of wickednes, is only in Jesus 1 can find succuran, any other thing is notin but evil & wickednes evrywhere.

  3. Shut up useless parrot u r 1 of them show ur yeye face 2 d police.i will go & show d phone u stole from d man dat u wanted 2 sell 2 me thief & murder dat what u r

  4. What a world, killing bcos of money,how much is dis money? Money dat is not enuf 4 d owner, hw can it b enuf for dem? He did not struggle,he gave dem all dey wanted,yet dey took his life KAI! Pple r wicked. God forgive dem

  5. When you meet this guys,you will never know they are this heartless and wicked.They were enjoying the man’s money while he lay there dead without a proper burial like a dog with his family looking for him.may two of you never know peace even after your death. Mr chacha there are things to joke with not this.Am sure you didn’t read the story before starting your fight with parrot.Am not asking you to stop just read the story.

  6. Even their face,as show they are born killer wicked look,i dont want to see this kind of face in my life God,pls Govt.kill them both,dont keep them in jail,kindly send them to hellfire.and the man RIP

  7. Evil will never ceased to exist in this country. Why did people drive pleasure in what that will make others sad. After possessing all that belong to the man, they still took his life. They will surely meet there waterloo, which they have already did. God have mercy on them.

  8. Kudos to these brave policemen..God bless them…atleast syvester family will stop their search….as for those uncircumsized philistains…their own death will be slowly and painful…..their hell fire will start here on earth

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  11. All bcos of N800k they jst killed this man even afta takin his stuff??? So since 2012 dis bastards were living their lives like notin happened. Jst luk @ their faces esp the one in whirt shirt….pls dey shld b killed nt jailed nd a very painful death, either by hanging or electrocution…u kill by d sword u die by d sword….Weldone Nig Police for a job well done nd may God grant the family of Sylvester the fortitude to bear the loss Amen…RIP Sylvester

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  15. Am not surprise he abused your mother as you said because he talks like a mad man,he slowed down now because you were giving him fire for fire,in fact i think you are his match so go ahead and do as you wish,just respect the dead.

  16. What a shameful act, killing a man created like you by God bcos of material things and feel okey enjoying his money as if nothing happenned, i thank God for DCP Chris and his men for unraveling the mistery behind the disapearance of Mr.Sylvester after some months, many missing people have died the same way but God want to expose this murderers,all this shows us that the end is near. please friends let us respect one another and stop this insults, RIP Sylvester

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