Muslim Man Who Chases Wife Out Of Home Gets 5 Strokes Of Cane For Violating Islamic Law On Divorce

man chases wife home 5 strokes cane

Muslim Man Who Chases Wife Out Of Home Gets 5 Strokes Of Cane For Violating Islamic Law On Divorce

A Sharia Court sitting at Magajin Gari in Kaduna on Monday ordered that one Idris Sai’du be given five strokes of cane for violation of the Islamic Law on divorce.

The judge, Mallam Dahiru Lawal also ordered the man to pay N5,000 to Hauwa Abdullah, his wife for abandoning her and wasting her time for so long.

The judge, who was irked at the respondent’s pronouncement of “I divorce my wife three times,” said it was not in line with Islamic practice.

He therefore ordered the respondent to be given five strokes of cane.

The complainant, Hauwa, had earlier told the court that her husband chased her out of her matrimonial home since last year and had never checked on her ever since.

“He asked me to leave his house since last year Ramadan, saying I should pack all my belongings and leave. It is almost a year now and he had never checked on me,” the complainant said.

Hauwa, who stated that they were not blessed with a child, added that she was in court to seek for divorce as she couldn’t be married to a man that didn’t care for her.

“I want this honourable court to compel my husband to divorce me as he is no longer interested in me,’’ she said.

In his response to the allegations, Sai’du said he ordered Hauwa to return home because “she has been communicating with her ex-husband which I am not comfortable with.

“I therefore divorce my wife three times.”

6 thoughts on “Muslim Man Who Chases Wife Out Of Home Gets 5 Strokes Of Cane For Violating Islamic Law On Divorce

  1. So in driving her out of your home you were trying to gain the status of “ex husband” also in the hope that she will communicate with you or what? You knew she had an ex husband yet you married her only to turn round and be jealous. Hmmmmm.

  2. Divorcing and remarrying is no big deal under Islamic law, especially among the Northerners (look how many times Gen Babangida’s children have been married). What baffles me is the punishment of beating adults with canes, as if they are children. Very humiliating and belittling.

    • I am sure you will be happy if shari’a Law prescribed canning looters 100 stroke in public in order to humiliate them.

  3. Why go back to such a man? He sent her out and still want to be claiming authority over her life, iranu! The court should have just let them go their seperate ways jare not just flogging.

    • From what I read, the man was never said to be exerting authority over her. He did not want her as she has refused to stop communicating with her ex which can kill a marriage on both sides. I agree with you that they should have been allowed to go their separate ways as there is no love in that marriage and that can be chaotic and deadly.

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