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Oct 19, 2015 – My Advice For Nigerians Desperate To Travel Abroad Because Of Hardship

First and foremost, it’s pathetic to read many of the texts written by my fellow Nigerians that are desirous to leaving the shores of Nigeria in search of a better future. This reminds me of the days I was in Nigeria. I share your concerns and dreams. I know that the untold economic situation in Nigeria has caused almost all of you to want to leave Nigeria but here is a few advice from me as someone who has gone through the struggle and have lived in Europe for more than 10 years, and so my advice is based on lived experience.

Majority of you have indicated that they are disposed or willing to take up any job they could find if they can make it to the western countries with a few saying the have O level i.e SSCE qualification. It is hard, if not impossible for you to get a job because these countries need highly skilled labor. In other words, you need to have a minimum of first degree( bachelor’s) to be able to fit in.

Many jobs are competitive and as such even requires a master’s degree. I came to Europe with a BA degree obtained from one of Nigeria’s famous universities in second class honors upper division. As the many companies outsourced their jobs to developing countries, jobs became even more competitive that in order to secure your career, you need to upgrade. This forced me to obtain my master’s degree to stay on top of the game.

So what am I saying? It is hard to migrate to Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the US with low academic qualifications because even the menial jobs are being taken by uneducated citizens of these countries let alone migrants.

Moreover, another crucial element which I consider most important of all is that it’s not that easy to live and work in a foreign country. To be able to live and work, you need to be documented as a legal immigrant and in many of these western countries, the process is tough and difficult especially in the face of civil wars that have resulted in refugee crisis as well as economic depression. The easiest way to make it here is to enroll in an educational institution if you have the means or a sponsor, or to get married to a citizen of that country you are emigrating to or someone with a permanent residence status. That way, even if you have no education, you are sure to stay! Also, bear in mind that even if you come in as a student, your resident status is time-limited covering only the duration of your studies.

It’s only United Kingdom in the whole of Europe that gives or grants a permanent residence status (i.e. Indefinite leave to remain) to students after the termination or end of their studies in certain circumstances, for example, if the course you have studied is listed as one of those wherein there is shortage of labour- medicine, nursing, IT, aeronautical engineer or fligh engineer, pilots, dentists, film instructors, culinary profession( eg cooks, chef) and so on.

Please do not be deceived by anyone to pay him to obtain a visa for you because such a person is only interested in your money but will not be there when your visa runs out and you become illegal and risk imprisonment and deportation. It might take some time but try to do it the legal way so that you start a new life without much hassles which also gives you the opportunity to travel around as you wish. Anything that is what doing is what doing well.

Finally, don’t live under the impression that life is rosy in Europe or elsewhere in the western world, there is still a lot of struggles especially when you have family back home to support- parents , siblings and the like. However, it is surely better than Naija if one has no better means of subsistence.

I pray that ALL of you will achieve your dreams to gladden your hearts in Jesus name, Amen.

That’s it from me.

26 thoughts on “My Advice For Nigerians Desperate To Travel Abroad Bcos Of Hardship – Harry Denmark

  1. My brother you are one in a million, I wish all Nigerians living in abroad can tell us the truth because most of us think u people are harvesting money over there.

    • Thank you Adanna, and please my apologies for the orthographical or typographical errors. It was an oversight!

  2. @Adanna Ike,the problem is after telling them that things are very difficult you still see people from abroad throwing money here and there when they return to Niger. My people the money you see are all borrowed money from bank loans and credit cards. Although they said that things are difficult still they don’t want people in Niger to see them as failures. How then would struggling Nigerians beleive that things are difficult? Advise to people abroad, please humble yourselves and live according to your means, may the Lord sustain you all in Jesus name.

  3. Those who have ears let them listen to the true confession of this nigerian,brother you can make it here,hard work pay

  4. @ Adanna some of us say the truth abt the situation here most pple don’t want to believe us until they get here. I know many Nigerians in the US here that are living here ilegally they can’t work, those who are working for their fellow Nigerians are getting peanut money and they can’t go back home bcos of shame.

  5. thanks bro God bless you. I really like to do my masters over there I hav first degree on IT related course from one of the federal universities my challenge is fund . hopefully one day God will answer my prayer.

  6. thanks bro God bless you, I really want to do my masters over there . I have first degree on IT related course from one of the federal universities . my challenge is fund can one be schooling at the same time work?

    • @Grace-Yes, you can both be studying and working. Normally, once you enrol as a student you’ll be issued with a work permit which entitles you to work for ONLY15 hours a week in the case of Denmark because it is assumed that you receive financial assistance from your sponsors in Nigeria. The understanding is that you cannot work full time because you need to also pay attention to your studies for which you came in the first place.
      Moreover, to set the stage for all these to happen, it is incumbent upon you to apply, gain admission and pay your tuition fees in order to obtain your student resident permit. Good luck with it! Compliments of the season.

  7. The issue in Nigeria and with Nigerians is that the attitude of our people is not conducive for anyone to live with. The beg beg attitude just put one off this nation.

    Is just that many of our people have no choice or anywhere to go. Nigeria is a terrible nation to live even though is my nation. That is why many of us run to Ghana and other African nations.

  8. it is my pleasure to thank harry for his honest truth, I came to the state in 2005 after graduating from Nigerian university only to find myself parking cars in hotel what a shame, it is hard to believe what people are actually doing in the states, my advice to any young Nigeria is to be very careful when planning to travel out , it is not easy, most people in Nigeria are really better than a lot of us here,

    • am just a local person wanted to become international through my destiny football i live in Enugu state at abakpa Nike local government area

  9. wanna study abroad but how to secure myself a visa is the problem just wanna study over there and return to nigeria to get a life of my own but dont know if anyone abroad can be of help i need that chance i’ll be grateful,is it possible? plz

  10. The truth here now is that am desperate of leaving Nigeria in search of a better living but….
    Ma Brother Harry Denmark has broken so secret to ma hearing,
    i will just be patient about it but will not give up this dream

  11. hello harry
    someone wants to help me travel abroad and the ependitures rest on hearing things like when i get there i will pay him back..and the cost is 3million…so is it always 50:50 stuff till i die outside country or ..i really dont knoe whats up about it….so please enlighten me on these..

  12. My advice to anyone who intends to travel abroad is to never engage the services of an individual called David Yusuf, Pastor David Yusuf or any company called Career Intelligence. You will most certainly will be scammed off your hard earned money.

    Please always demand payment receipts and any online evidence for any service done.

    On no account must anyone apart from the Visa issuing office take possession of your travel passport for processing.

  13. Thank you Harry infact am excited for this beautiful piece of truth. Am planning on moving to Norway through family visitation visa my sister was recently given a citizenship in Norway, I made all the available paper needed to renounce her Nigeria citizenship in the court of law and sent it to her her 3 kids got the citizenship automatically. She ll sponsor every aspect of my trip but i want to know can i extend my visitation visa for six months and apply for resident permit? Do Norwegians like blacks from Africa?

  14. having said all that, I know ppl over there (US) who are still encouraging me to come to US and start a new life. After all, it is becoming harder and harder to survive even here in Nigeria.

  15. Please tell me more on the legal way to travel and how to become a permanent residence. Thank you.

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