My Girlfriend Loves Money More Than Every Other Things – What Should I Do?

girlfriend loves money

May 28, 2013 – My Girlfriend Loves Money More Than Every Other Things –  What Should I Do?

Please I need an answer to this question have a girl friend that I loves so much but she loves money more than every other things . She goes out every day telling me that she want to go and look for money what should I do?

Question from a liberal fan.

24 thoughts on “My Girlfriend Loves Money More Than Every Other Things – What Should I Do?

  1. hahahahaha try to know why she need,nobody need money for nothing,unless you use the little money you have to start the relationship,anyway add me at facebook let me give you more cue,via timothy.chibuike,libraville gabon

  2. Very simple,if u know u cant provide for ha let ha go…..u shud be able to provide for ur Girl and if u cant free ha.

  3. go and jump inside reservoir dey there they ask silly question-u better replace her if she wan ruing ur life.

  4. I Will advice dat u continue 2 talk 2her let her no money is not evrytins an do d litle u can an if no change let her go so dat u illl not die young

  5. Bros don’t mind dose new generation girls,mine even discoverd dat i have a little change in my account & she started asking me of my ATM pin number wen i refused to tell her she started dia quarreling den i stay away from her,so learn from me ok.

  6. Niggo, u beta leave dat gal & go get anoda gud gal dt wil stay wit u even if u ain’t financialy ok. StandweL

  7. Can’t you read the hand writing? Stay away from her or else she will liquidate ur finance or find reason to infidelity on d grounds that u can’t meet her wants. Love is not about money. Bros beware!

  8. Jux investigate on whr she goes 2 get d moni. I’m 70pcent sure, is 4RM guyz. If so den u’re on a long tin my broda.

  9. Maybe him de givam b4 na him master lam. So guys de carry shoulder high when they wan toast girl. Am a manager, my father or mother be this so so so. U no fit tellam de truth. When she com fall inside, she no go forget say u be manager or ur papa na commisioner or special adviser 2 d governor as u ealier to her. So she ma go de expect money because she knw say money dey. When u first approach a girl, u explain ur condition to her, i think she wil understand u better. Rather saying what u not. However guy takes this women of thing as ball. They play and leave without knowing it is a sin. If u want a girl, fast and pray 2 God to show u ur wife. God will reveal her 2 u and she will be ur wife forever. Do u knw dat Girl u ar having nw as ur girlfriend is somebodys wife? Pls turn away from fornication now. The kingdom if Heaven is at hand. Do u knw many who claim 2 be born again do this thing? They wil be have a girl to make sex with only, after that they drop and Go to another. If u ar such, u ar a candidate of HELL fire! Ask yourself this Question, IF JESUS CHRIST COMES NOW, WILL I GO WITH HIM?

  10. if you realy love her, you should go and rob a bank , if you are caught ,tell the police you are in love .there is no sin stealing for your love , and try to cote the verse in the bible that said , if it is because you are hungry that made you to steal, they should not throw stone to you , they should set you free. so you can go tonight , you will be free ,just cote my verse.

  11. Everybody luv money nt just ur girlfriend u know, without money you do any thing in life, so if you have give her so dat his we been yours ok and if you luv her so much tank you.

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