My Pastor Impregnates Me – He’s Married Should I Abort It Or Keep It?

pastor impregnates church member

Oct 19, 2012 – My Pastor Impregnates Me – He’s Married Should I Abort It Or Keep It?

Below is an unedited email dated Oct 15 received from an anonymous woman who needs your input.

She is based in the UK and she attends a Redeem Church.

She is pregnant for her married pastor and she’s confused if she should keep the baby or abort it.

Read the story below and kindly give her your inputs.

I don’t need to hide my identity anymore, as my church members and others are already aware of this development. I am based in the United Kingdom and a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God here in the UK. I am a 24-year-old Nigerian girl. I have lived in the UK for over five years, running into my 6th year already. However, as it is generally held, “life is not always smooth and straight” I understand that life, most of the time is full of ‘zig and zag’ just like it’s characterized with ups and downs. My story is not different after all. I have had my good times too, and I consider this time as my most trying moment.

I am writing this note, not exactly because I regret my action of taking full control of a married Pastor, but because I have sensed something that is really not going to work for me in the most positive way, if I keep this pregnancy. I don’t regret my action because I understand that pastors too are human beings, and have the same feelings like the rest of us. He slept with me, got me impregnated; so what?

However, a little of the background will give you an insight into how it all started. I understand that as human beings, we cannot cheat nature. I’m one of the Choristers in the church, and there is this magnet that pulls the pastor and I together. It is like a magnetic force. However, he had explained to me in the most pathetic way one day on how the wife had starved him of sex for months all in the name of spirituality. He only said that passively anyway. He also complained bitterly, while I listened with superlative attention on how the wife hardly ever satisfy him on bed. I actually wanted to satisfy him, as I’m such an emotional and considerate person. I am very sure God won’t judge me negatively because of my kind gesture. I only tried to satisfy a man who was dying of hunger, he was been starved of sex and I had to leave spirituality behind to get him satisfied.

I remember how it all started, and like a Hollywood movie, the scenes reeled from one to the other and we had our fun in different hotels after every church meeting. I must always wait for the Pastor who will convey me to my house. After all, he is a pastor, and no one would suspect that any ‘dirty’ romance was going on between us. He confessed that I had made him feel like a woman, and I was just proud of myself. I will always node in exhilaration knowing very well that if I can satisfy another man, then I can satisfy my man. This is something every young lady should be proud of. I am not trying to patronize my action, but only being reasonable about some sensitive sexual matters.

Yes, we did, and since then, I have been excommunicated from the church. In fact, the whole thing remained secret until he got me impregnated, and I confronted him for an abortion. To my consternation, he refuted my suggestion; he wanted me to keep the baby. I had moved against it. I had given him reasons why I shouldn’t keep the baby. I don’t want to jeopardize my dream of getting married at the age of 26 which is just less than a year. I told him that I must get rid of the baby. But he has vowed to sue me if I do. He is happy that at least what he had waited for endlessly since he got married in 2000 has come to fruition as God has finally opened the doors through me. Yes, he never had a child since he got married, and age is really not on his side. I can’t get his words off my head; “ I want this baby like yesterday” he said.

This disagreement has put me in the public glare today as my close friends whom I divulged the situation to, had reported the matter to the church committee, and I have since been excommunicated. Everybody talks about me as if I have done something so strange. My concern really is not about what people are saying but to get a little piece of your advice on whether I should keep the baby against my wish, or go for an abortion. I know what I want but I still need your advice in order to justify the action I’m about to take. In the next five days, I should be able to take a major decision. Thank you for publishing my story.

77 thoughts on “My Pastor Impregnates Me – He’s Married Should I Abort It Or Keep It?

  1. Thou shall not commit murder according to the book of Exodus. Let the baby survive. God bless u

  2. Hmm,let me just tell u something firstly it’s a sin for u and the pastor to have sexual intercourse together.Nw u are pregrant what u wil do is go straight to the church and seek for forgive, scripture say in RM10v9 dat when u confess with ur mouth and go to her wife for face to face.And don’t try to aborted it becos if u do it’s a great sin and u wil never be forgiving.Infact becos u think sure ideas it a sin 4 u.God knws why He answer u through pregrancy,let me ask u question do u knw what GOD is writting becos of you.So becareful don’t it becos dat day children wil be in heaven by the gate waiting for mrs abortions member to bite.So my sister obiedent is better than sacrifise

  3. You are a slut for dabbling into another woman's marriage as though u are playing mere harmless card game! God wrath is upon both of u for desecrating Christianity.u have bitten more than u can chew, now u want to run away from responsibility? didn't u know the future u planned when rationally indulging in the sizzling romance? so u are meant to satisfy other women' husbands? may God keep plenty of young girls waiting to satisfy your husband in future so u could know how it feels. Bear the cross. Don't abort it for God hate abortion!

  4. Pls my dear don’t abort the baby, ur pastor having told u to keep the baby has a plan 4 u, aborting it is blood shed and a greater sin thanks and best regards

  5. Don’t abort. Children often born in dis way when taken care of turn out just too exceptional. I dnt know why but I guess that God enjoys turning d wreck n even bastards into presidents. D same way he turns out gold from d dirt and dark places

  6. dear sister, if what u are telling us is not a fiction, keep the baby. do u want to have a living baby or a dead baby. if the pastor is claiming resposibility, give him, if not give me the baby. thank you. u will see a man that will fall in love inspite of this circumstance.

  7. @ Bob Jonny, u look like these over zealous, fanatic christains, all the girl is asking is advice, the word of the Lord said all have sinned; and no one is righteous except God. So when somebody demand for advice give advice not condemnation, to the girl, i know how u feel, we all make mistakes in one way or the other, pls do not abort the child, that child is a blessed child, i tell a real man is out there who will marry u irrespective of ur past mistakes, pls do not abort it. thanks

    • MY name is Sosthene i am from Chad republic i live in your story is real i am telling you to not abort it.Every thing we do in life has effect on us.I am happy that you are a good christian Because you confess it openly.this already good your first Step.Today many are in this situation and are hidden.Don’t abort the Baby.Keep.if you need further help tell me or contact me trough this will help you He can restore your life.your are not dead you can still make it and be new.people can say bad thing about you but have a strong mind.God bless you

  8. You have to keap it,but what was your reason dating a man of God a married man for matter,now you have seen the result.

  9. Pls dont abort d baby,bcos u dont no maybe d baby will be d 1 to make u succeed in life nd i u abort it u av comit murder so pls just keep d baby nd go 2 church nd ask 4 forgiveness bcos it was flesh dat push u while am also a member of redeemed,u can call me 08176488182

  10. To abort is to commit murder of which is a sin in the side of GOD the almighty.Therefore,live the baby.You may notKnow what the baby will become in future.Please,go through the word of GOD for guidian.

  11. U are verry stupid for thinkin dat wat u did was ryt…. Put ur self in his wife shoe n c hw it is. U already a sinner so jux get rid of it

  12. I wont advice u abort, but is so pathetic 4rm ur writeup u are nt sory 4 dat which u av done, so hw do u den seek 4givens 4rm God. Its very unfair. Since u wl nt want any1 2 do same 2 u, as u’re planning 2 also settle down wit ur man.

  13. Hear Her “i am very sure God wont judge me negatively because of my kind gesture”, Ignorance speaking on the pages of the media.

    No atom of remorse. From your story, you lured the man of God and made hi, commit fornication with you. I guess you are also in the habit of doing this.

    Also from your story you are so sure you would get married in less than a year of this event. That tells me you have even been cheating on your fiance.

    My friend unless you truly repent and ask God for forgiveness, this same thing will happen to you in your marriage, so you see how it feels and then you will be asked to advise the girl who slept with your husband and got pregnant whether to keep the pregnancy or not.

  14. please my their, am from Nigerian,enugu state Indigene i beg u don’t let anything happen to that child, God really sent the child to u so keep it he may be ur Saviour in future remain bless

  15. Don’t abort the baby,cause if u do you might not be able to have another one in the future. Repent and sin no more dear.

    • D lady in question is proud of wat she did she is not even sorry for herself well i have noting to tell her cos she said she has made up her mind on wat to do, pls pray forgiveness from d church, pst wife.

  16. I’m surprise you said you are christian and that you have a “PASTOR”
    By the way, your story is too strange even in the ears of the perversed soul.
    But IF its true, then you need to check your way of thinking, even the way you expressed yourself means you have no active conscience.
    Repentance is there for those who needs Christ.
    I wish your future husband self control.

  17. Wow I’m surprise you said you are christian and that you have a “PASTOR”
    By the way, your story is too strange even in the ears of the perversed soul.
    But IF its true, then you need to check your way of thinking, even the way you expressed yourself means you have no active conscience.
    Repentance is there for those who needs Christ.
    I wish your future husband self control.

  18. I have read your story and this is my advice. Firstly, repent of your sinful act. The bible said “… if a man confesses and forsake his/her evil ways God will have mercy on him/her. confess from your heart that you will not have sex with the pastor in your life. Accept the fact that you have gone the wrong way then ask the Lord Jesus with a sincere heart to forgive and pardon your sins. The truth of the matter is that God usually visits such sins i.e such sins usually have consequences. So for you to be at peace with God you have do this. Secondly, don’t abort the baby, the pastor can only marry one wife. so in that case the child is yours. Ask God for the wisdom, knowledge and financial resources to sustain both you and the baby. After you have giving birth, Teach the baby the way of the Lord from the sincerity of your heart. I assure you, if you make your ways straight and right again with God He will wipe away the shame you feel now. Remember the story of the woman caught red handed in adultery. Jesus did not condemn her but forgave her and told her to go and sin no more. The same thing I am telling you now “go and sin no more” abortion is sin upon sin. God Bless you

  19. My dear sis, i undastnd u quite wel. My humbl advice is dat u shud kip d child not 4 d fact dat ur pastor nids it bt 4 d fact God gave u dat child n dat dat child is a nation,rmba how odas r lukin 4 it bt 2 no avail. Pls do not comit more sin by shedin an innocent blood. Ask 4 God’s mercies, 4givenes n grace, 2 ur pastor’s wife n d odas dat r aware of it,ask 4 deir 4givenes inoda 2 b fre n at pis wt evr1. Do ur bst n leav d rst 4 God wil hlp u. In al, i wsh u d vry bst

  20. U are a big fool Y are callin an innocent unborn child bastered and said dat d baby should b remove Or dont u know dat d baby future is gud dan Urs Stupid Tout

  21. Hmm don’t try to aborted d unbored baby but what is metter most is that confess to God becos it the greatest sin before almighty God and ask for foregiveness and if u what to married d pastor try to reconciled and see that there’s peace b/w u and her first wife.

  22. hmmmmn,..Reedeemed pastor,i dont believe,This is a set up coz i know who you talking about,lol,@ everyone the story is false……….

  23. My dear,if u r saying d truth then keep d baby and d so called man of is ready to marry u,so give d innocent baby live and home.She or he will appreciate u in

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