Names Of Illuminati Members In Nigeria: Nigerian Celebrities & Entertainers In Secret Cult

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August 21st, 2012 – Names Of Illuminati Members In Nigeria: Nigerian Celebrities & Entertainers In Secret Cult

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It’s essential we get our facts right that Illuminati is a secret society and the only way to know names of members of The Illuminati secret cult in Nigeria is through leaked secrets from former members.

A popular former member of the Illuminati in Nigeria is Dagrin.

Dagrin was killed because he revealed their secrets.

Names Of Popular Illuminati Members In Nigeria

According to a source, apart from Dagrin other rumoured members of Illuminati in Nigeria are:

  • Dbanj
  • Charly Boy
  • Goldie
  • Wizkid
  • Davido

And other popular entertainers who are not currently linked with Illuminati operations in Nigeria.

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  1. Only God knows what will happen …but I pray may God helps us in this naija…politics dey one side illuminati dey one side…only Godooooo no one else.
    guys who soul he or her soul get fake alliament reasons

  2. Vast majority of Nigerians will be anything, THERE’S NO ILLUMINATI in nigeria, nothing of such in naija

  3. God has given us the freewill to do/be whatsoever we wants to be so i’ll not judge nor condem any so my dear ppl al we need do is to thank God for them & also to keep asking God for His marcy on their souls. Not the flesh it’ll go back to dust. Since God never wil that any soul shal b lost so let keep praying for them.

  4. i like to join the illuminate don’t miss ur opportunity bro i done suffer tied pls wat can i do to join am ready

    • I’m ready now please send your phone number for me.I’m very very ready to join now. Please you can call me now I’m ready please.

  5. God is faithful. Anything God can not give you, you will never have it. Be patient with your maker. PATIENT means WAIT UNTIL IT HAPPEN. Don’t push and don’t force, let it happen naturally and you will enjoy it. Jesus is the answer.

    • Only GOD can give us what so ever our heart desired for without any added sorrow or pains!!! please there brother and sister wait unto ”LORD’S time” believe its near and not fa!! it will happen naturally/peacefully…

  6. gudmorning to u all, lam Michael Boniface lbok frm ales lbom state of Nigeria in okobo local govt area. l always wish to be who l want to be, l lve an inspiration things and l want to create awearness to my people believe in our world .

  7. if u want 2 join go ahead bt remember they wil ruin ur lyf dat u wil wish u neva existed nd also if u re ready 2 join put ur hand in d fire 4 jxt 3mins so u wil stat 2 taste d pain of hel on earth

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