Nigeria Rated 2nd Most Corrupt Country In The World

nigeria most corrupt country in the world

Nov 14, 2012 – Nigeria Rated 2nd Most Corrupt Country In The World

According to the latest report by Gallup, Nigeria has been rated 2nd (second) most corrupt country in the world.

The government of Nigeria are currently being perceived by most Nigerians as corrupt.

In the Gallup’s 1st ever report on Global States of Mind, the new metrics for World leaders revealed 94% of Nigerians believe their government is corrupt.

The Gallup poll further revealed that 96% of Kenyans believe corruption is embedded in their government while one 5% of Singaporeans believed their govt. is corrupt.

Gallup’s World Poll spans more than 150 countries, territories, and areas, annually capturing what more than 98% of the world’s adult population is thinking on topics from basic needs to job creation.

Gallup’s World Poll data set now includes more than 1 million interviews conducted since the research initiative started in 2005. Respondents were asked questions on law and order, food and shelter, institutions and infrastructure, good jobs, wellbeing, brain drain and quality GDP growth.

Chai Naija don suffer o.

44 thoughts on “Nigeria Rated 2nd Most Corrupt Country In The World

  1. With d rate of @ wch nigerians r involved in crimes allova d country i am nt surprise at all am just disappointed we merit no 1

  2. Hmmm Naija 2nd in d world on b small thing o, but were er we going, GEJ what is happening do u want Naija 2 march 1st in d world b4 u act. This country is not a class room that we er looking 4 postion 1 o.

  3. They should go and research again bcos i know we are number one…ah ah! Check out our governors navigating private jets and crashing then celebrating birthdays in private jets

  4. NO, Naija no de carry last na first we de carry so Naija na First may una no play wayo. All dis our politic way de carry our money de go outside and Boko Haram way de bomb everywhere or Kidnapping or our Football that is bad, No good road,No work,No money may God be with us

  5. Loolzzzz!!! Everyone speaks base on his/her perception on the subject matter. Everyone is entitled to his/her view, but one thing is sure: it all depends on the state of being of the the one going for or against the subject matter. Transformation begins from the mind and not by sitting idle and saying negative things about the country that we have been blessed with. God bless Nigeria!!!!

    • It not about perception…. We all couldn’t say the same thing and be wrong…. Whooops! Lest i forget, perception is intangible reality….

  6. Yes I agree with Abasiama Okon I don't believe we re the second because I know for sure that there is no way NIGERIA can come second on this, why must they cheat us in everything why? Even a two year old baby knows this. This is their birth right so whoever that conducted this research should please go back research more and give them their normal position which is (FIRST POSITION) Thank you.

  7. the method of analysis is not reliable and moreova, d Nigerian govt. Has chngd since 2005…d level of corruption of the leaders of a country cannot be a standard 4 measuring corruption in that country. I mean, there are incorrupt ci izens, and why should the view7 of a fraction of the population be used for judgement?!

  8. Do we call this a country that corruption as make the Giant of AFRICANS, now become the lowest in all. na GOD go help us in this situations in our country NIGERIA.

  9. Thinz wil surely change 4 beta in Nigeria……. Bt we sudnt 4gt………REVOLUTION is knockin…… set

  10. Abeeeeeeeeeeeegi na numba 1 we dey dis 1 na ojoro joooooooo………………….
    Mtn go do u ojoro
    glo go comot ya credit witout u kaln
    airtel deny u wen making kal nd no go deny u wen loadn card

  11. Naso i tin se we ko cari last but althoug dey wan cheat us. Naija na we top list even 4 dis coments sef evrybody knw so abeg meg una stop dis tin meg una return our position giv us na we b 1st nt second..

  12. Have heard people in govt saying if nigerians think that the govt of nig is the most corrupt that means that nigerians themselves re the world most insincere citizens. Corruptn is killing this country…

  13. This researcher should look back to what he saw for Nigeria…, I strongly believe the 98% giving to Kenya is for Nigeria.., we can accept cheating in other polls, but for corrupt Governancy.., no way, Nigeria is 1st. when you have this kind of Government piloted by GEJ, what position do you expect? Of recent i read with tears on Ridadu’s report that Nigeria Crude is being allocated to a middle man, who then sells to the real buyer.. Ofcourse one needs no sortsayer to tell you that the middle man is afronter of the whoever is in power,.., in just 2 transaction, the middle man is a super Dollar billioner. Whoever tells a little baby that the Ribadu’s report will be looked at is teaching the baby how to grow up being a liar. Shame on you GEJ.., Shame on you GEJ.., Shame on you GEJ for telling Nigerians the only way our refineries can work is by forcing Nigerians to pay for the Robbery they do in the name of Fuel subsidy removal. Shame on him, Nigeria is now importing fuel from hungry driven Nigel republic, if a war torn country like Nigel can build refinery.., then you see what level of Devil GEJ is by telling Nigerians we can only build ours or maintain our existing ones only when we pay for their mess.
    God be with his children


  15. i fear Nigeria my country to be unfaithful unroyal and nonsence we dey serve Nigeria with all our strength but they no dey give us wetin we want

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