Nigerian Actor Kalu Ikeagwu’ Friend Arrested For Buying Stolen iPhone 7 At Computer Village Ikeja

kalu ikeagwu friend arrested

September 28, 2016 – Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu’s Friend Arrested For Buying Stolen iPhone 7 At Computer Village Ikeja, Actor Narrates Ordeal In Police Detention

In an exclusive chat with Sahara Weekly, veteran Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu recounts his ordeal in the hands of SARS operatives who arrested him over his alleged link to a robbery and homicide case.

See excerpt of his interview below:

How I Was Arrested – Kalu Ikeagwu

“On the 26th of September 2016, at about 3:40pm, my daughter had just been dropped off at home by her official school bus while I opened the gate for her to come into the house, two men accosted and ordered that I should follow them, then I asked them who they are, instead they flashed an Identity card that I only saw police written on it without any name. Meanwhile, these two men were in plain clothes and one of them had a black looped earring .

At this point, I said I was not going to follow them since I do not know who they are. Suddenly a white unmarked bus pulled –up in front of me and four more men on plain clothes appeared from the bus with one pointing an AK47 raffle at my fore head …”

Sensing danger, the actor smartly dialed his wife’s phone number but the men began struggling his phone from him, before they took the phone from him he was able to tell his wife that “ some men purported to be police officers are taking me away…”

kalu ikeagwu police detention

The men over powered and handcuffed him while they drove to Pen-cinema Police station Agege, Lagos State. They drove passed area G Police Station Ogba which is closer to Kalu’s residence. Arriving at Pen-cinema Police station, they held him outside the gate; until a man appeared wearing a black long coat who simply identified himself as Born Great Benin.

“I said to him I cannot answer any question from you, unless I am taken into the police station proper, it was this Born Great Benin that later ordered them to take off the cuffs and asked them to bundled me into the bus again and they drove off to somewhere I later identified as area F, police station Ikeja.

At this area F rather than take me into the station’s main building, I was held at a room when a certain gentle man identified as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Philips came in and showed me a telephone number and asked if I knew the owner of the number…”

Instantly, Ikeagwu identified the owner of the number as his friend who had picked him up from the airport a few days earlier. Ikeagwu inquired from his friend if he had bought a phone recently and his friend said yes and narrated how he had swapped his old phone(iphone6) for a new one(Iphone7) at the popular computer village Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and paid an extra N37, 000 in a legal business transaction with a phone dealer.

“That was when they explained to me that since I was the last person that dialled my friend’s phone number it made me a soft target-hence my arrest ”.

As at the time of this report, Mr Ikeagwu has been released as police picked up his friend who reportedly swapped his old iPhone 6 with a stolen iPhone 7 at Computer Village in Ikeja.

The unidentified friend has hired a lawyer to take up the case.

6 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Kalu Ikeagwu’ Friend Arrested For Buying Stolen iPhone 7 At Computer Village Ikeja

  1. Hmmm, that’s why second hand products aren’t just right sometimes. IPhone 6 swapped with IPhone 7 for 37k????? Naawaooo

  2. Welcome to the generation where APPLE is no longer a fruit but a phone and has been putting countless number of people in problems lately. Girls sold their virginity for Iphone6 and some are going to sell their destinies cos of d new model, while some are being arrested for buying a stolen one. Get ready cos some people are already buying d china 1phone7 with double sim and wouldn’t even know. Can’t help but laff

  3. OUR POLICE REALLY KNOW how to embarrass people, and sometimes their method looks like thuggery. It just sounded like this actor was in the hands of kidnappers. This is highly unprofessional of them!

  4. that is friend is a foolish can he go and buy a used i-phone7 all in the name of belonging to the cliq

  5. I hardly buy a secondhanded item without any reciept to back it up in case of time like this.

    Picture a senerio where you buy an item worth N5,000 and go to the station to have yourself released for N50,000. So, whats the point?

    I take a stroll…

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