Nigerian Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor: “Why I Married An European Husband”

Ufuoma Ejenobor husband

April 2nd, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor: “Why I Married An European Husband”

In this recent interview culled from Bella Naija, Nigerian actress Ufuoma Ejenobor who married a foreign husband revealed how the two met each other.

When asked on how they met, below is what the beautiful mother of one said;

We have a mutual friend; they both work as advertisers. I met his friend while I was filming ‘Everything It Takes’ for Wale Adenuga. There was a particular day we went out for drinks and my husband who was his friend was with them. We hung out, became friends, started spending time with each other and started to feel very comfortable with each other.

Ufuoma Ejenobor further said;

My husband and I weren’t in a position where our paths were crossing very often so chances of me meeting him and being his friend were very slim. It wasn’t anything planned, it just happened and I’m glad it did because my husband is a wonderful person. He has a good heart and that is the most important thing for me.

The actress gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in October 2012.

What a beautiful couple!

28 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor: “Why I Married An European Husband”

  1. You are right, all happen by chance,you never really loved him, we know. All is just shawuruje of a thing,oyinbo pepe, he get plenty-plenty money. We know.Anyway, congratulation for the catch. More easy life with oyinbo in your life. But be careful, oyinbo dey quick divorce oh, and don’t expose him to your friends…oh. oyinbo and dog no much difference… o , i mean for character. They fit sleep with anything wey rub powder and wey get hole. Auguri and happy married life.

    • Ah Cole do u have a personal vendetta against our actress. All that you said ….. so what? Does it change your life in any way?

  2. Congrats dear. For sure, he loves you thatz why he told you; not our black men that even when they dont feel anything for a lady, they will profess love only to sleep and dump her. I would marry a white man anytime the opportunity calls. Have a blisful marriage, Ufuoma!

  3. na true,its because of money thats y our pple marry white,no original black woman go marry white,leave correct black strong man say na oyinbo,na him hungry am to marry.after wey dem get waiting them want like citizenship,the them go come realise say oyinbo no be am,then them go come dey file for divorce.

    • Apply som 21century reasonin to your thoughts.are they blacks better off? He is either a good man or not. White or black. Vwey shallow tinkin i must say

  4. U people that is getting married to white men time we come when u will regret it when time come let me no how u will escape with ur children of course the have sense more than us the reason y u people ar going there to get married is bcos of money and to make big that am married to white man y can’t u think marry from ur country bcos of tomorrow oyibo will not live u to come to ur country with his children and if he died he will Chang he’s will to Dog or cat or he’s family members and the will make sure u didn’t enter ur country with any thing or ur children na u no make una go the marry oyibo people time we come it will still enter internet

  5. Na lie una dey lie there. Love can b found any where in dis world. U wey talk say,wen wahala start,she no go fit carry her baby com home. Don 4get wetin hapen 4kano crises,jos and kaduna. Our pple wey marry hausas den,wetin hapen 2dem? No b slaughter dem slaughter dia childrn n dia wives wey no b hausas n muslim? Na home com save abi? Abeg go brush ur teeth b4 u enta dis forum

  6. ufuma, u really tried to marry an idiot.oyibo smells like hell and they dont circumcise,the cape in their p**is covers the p**is itself,their scotum is lager than the p**nis itself,the sight is so irritating.Ask me how I know?,cos am a nurse in europe(name not necessary).Thumps up for u cos oyibo is dirty,crash saliva like p**sy cats,give gas like no mans business.I vomit each time in the hospital cos of their skinny diseases.Ufuma be ready to change his pampers from40 years ,they marry blacks when their fellow oyibo dump their ass,they are nothing to write home about.

  7. most times we dont see beyond our nose when taking decisions forget the future is far more important than the present and all its glamour, i think we can only hope for the best. God help us all

  8. thank you banks,u have said it all.its only those in naija that sees them as be for pple like me!

  9. Im ashamed of all of u here saying trash. U haters, continues to hate while she shones. U fools, u can never amount to anytin in life daz y u hate on susexful people. Reason why nigeria wnt grow, u sick people.
    Ufueoma, God bless ur marriage.

  10. Well, the fact that some people do not act as some others expect doesn’t really mean that such action is “foul-play”. May we at least cultivate the culture of respecting other people’s decision. Anyone can either get married to either the Devil or the Angel for all they care! Everyone has their own life to live.

  11. We’ll done sis, u no longer have 2 aply 4 visa & b4 u can say jack Robinson ur Pali go don ready. We have seen dis movie b4.

  12. congrats Ufuoma. May God continue to be with you and no
    challenge will ever make u divorce ur husband
    leave them haters to continue drinking panadol.

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