Nigerian Comedian AY Shares Lekki Lagos Mansion Interior Photos

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Nov 11, 2014 – Nigerian Comedian AY Shares Lekki Lagos House Interior Pictures

Talented comedian Ayo Makun just gave his massive mansion in Lekki a beautiful make over

Mabel Makun, the wife of the ace comedian owns an interior decoration company called MIDAS interior.

She was the one who decorated the interior of AY-owned MVP club located in Lekki.

Check out the interior pics of the newly decorated house below:

She is really talented.

24 thoughts on “Nigerian Comedian AY Shares Lekki Lagos Mansion Interior Photos

  1. The design is too loud and she is using too many white colours
    She needs to work on her colour combination

  2. I’m confused here is AY a she or a he?
    Anyway, this is Splendid…Spectacular, Unique. Kudos to AY and the entertainment industry in general.

    • @Brown….sorry for D confusion.But let me recommend u take 1 Gallon of “Ogogoro” to shine ur eyes so U can know its AY’s wife(Makun)they r referring to ….By D way ask Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to supply u D “Ogogoro”…..Lol..

  3. Wow it is ugly d combination is too much. She should try and learn from fayose government house interior decoration

  4. Eeeyah da house fine atleast its chicky only say e too day flashy like wea dos shemales N transgenders dey live !!!ohh i forget sef sebi AY himself don dey wear skirt suit n bra tops e good jare lol
    anyway na una taste i wish una long life dia ooo
    [email protected]

  5. Beautiful but please agreed with @ Maureen Okonkwo about working on her colour combination.The whole area seams too white more like a funeral home

  6. pple ehn n deir mouth….usn too many white colors dos it rily matters wat if ha best color z white…goan do yo own lets c, y dnt we apprec8 wats ours n leave d criticism,if na oyinbo man nw we go dey hail ogaooo…thumbs up dear #f***themhaters

  7. Very lovely piece of work. However it’s a little out of place to be called a home. It looks more like a Gallery or Show room…where designer chairs and household items are sold.
    You want your home to be very subtle and espouse a serene aura.

  8. now i know nigerians dont wish good for people, people saying the colour combination is too loud, the house looks like a funeral home, the dis the dat.. I can say it that 90% of everyone that talked nonsense about this design don’t have houses, or probably wont have the good initiative to ulter anything creative.. I pity this country sha, because appreciation is a rare gem to most of us, please i beg you all to try and learn to appreciate every little thing, cus giving something is receiving. wetin concern una and the colour now.. I’m irked

  9. This is absolutely lovely, In design-an interior designer can decide to use a particular colour of choice (dis depends on the clients choice). D clients colour/taste might not be your own taste so criticizing an interior decorator is not always a fair one, as for this job, i will rate it a 90% well done job. if u still criticize this job and you duely have d facts and you think you can do better, leave a comment for me==—-May be i might just have a job for U to do and we compare your talent.Nice 1 Mabel and @ AY Enjoy.

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