Nigerian Facebook Serial Killers Confess On Live TV

lagos nigeria facebook serial killers

August 23, 2012 – Nigerian Facebook Serial Killers Confess On Live TV

Nigerian Facebook serial killers who murdered a lady named Cynthia in July, 2012 has come open to confess their evil deeds on live TV.

The two friends in the video below are undergraduate student from Lagos State Nigeria. Their names are Ezekiel Nnechuwu Olisa Eloka & Echezona Nwabufor.

They lured the innocent woman on Facebook to buy cheap goods from Lagos State Nigeria.

They picked her up at the Airport, took her to a Festac hotel and robbed her of all her possessions at the hotel.

They later raped her for 12 hours before strangling her to death.

Watch the video below


13 thoughts on “Nigerian Facebook Serial Killers Confess On Live TV

  1. The truth is just females shuld be very careful in every thing dy do.especially 2go.dis animals shuld be thrown into antlantic ocean.

  2. The press should please show us the faces of these vermins that killed this girl. They deserve the death penalty either by hanging or firing squad. Please the case should not be handed for judgment to Justice Marcel (the judge who said Ibori was innocent). These vermins are supposed to be students of Nigeria higher institutions. The level at which education has gone to the dogs in Nigeria is alarming. They now breed kidnappers, killers, armed robbers, lecturers having sex with students for grades etc. Thanks to the military for destroying education in Nigeria and all the good things Nigeria was known for. My comment does not apply to all nigerian students.

  3. Let’s pray, Father in heaven please have mercy and prevent this horrible incidents to occur in our live time in JESUS name Amen

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