Nigerian Gay Student Beaten To Stupor At University Of Nigeria Nsukka Campus


nigerian gay student beaten nsukka

Feb 8, 2013 – Nigerian Gay Student Beaten To Stupor At University Of Nigeria Nsukka Campus

This question came to fore in my mind,after the events that took place at the Alvan hall of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus this morning at about 3:00AM. I was on my from my room to the study room where I had been reading for my examinations, when shouts of “he wan f*ck me!!!!!!” and repeated chants of “homo!” rented the air.

Though I was’nt too surprised because such things were not uncommon in a hostel occupied by over 2000 males, but what amazed me was the speed at which various guys bounced on the supposed perpetrator, even though he followed them docilely.

They hit him, repeatedly slapped him, literarily dragged him and even mocked him as if he was “sub-human”. In what could be described as a fleeting second, the hostel became crowded with onlookers who had come from even other hostels to catch a glimpse of the supposed homosexual. More out of curiosity than interest, I decided to join the “pilgrimage” to the 400 series where the whole action was taking place, in order to catch a visual glimpse of the boy.

To my surprise it was a student I recognized!, for I had seen the chap severally in the study room and he resembled the intellectual type. By this time, he had been dragged into a room and was sitting on a bed with his hands holding up his partially hidden head.

I spent some extra minutes listening to the supposed room mate who claimed the guy kept poking him with his penis whilst fondling him inappropriately thinking he was asleep. Scores of boys gathered around the story teller each listening, and whilst getting prepared to go extort their own pound of flesh from the defaulter.

I left, but couldn’t stop having mixed feeling for the apprehended student, for it would be a tough few years for him to go through in the university, living with such shame. It was also his fault because he was the one who had incurred the untold doom upon himself.

On a personal note, despite the fact that I disapprove of homosexuality, and sincerely thinking its vain against the human nature, I strongly oppose the idea of beating up homosexuals which is rampant in Nigeria. The truth is, they a humans too, someone’s beloved son and brother or maybe sister. If the beating had occurred outside a university campus, I might have been unperturbed about the whole issue, but the mere fact that it was students like me, the supposed “future leaders” who carried out the dastardly act really gets me worried.

If this could be done when the “wood is fresh” and their minds quite malleable, who knows what will happen when it becomes “dried” and their resolve stiffened….. share your thoughts.

[By Definitelykingsley]