Nigerian-Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Okoro Gets Flood Of Proposal After Declaring She Is Single

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May 4, 2017 – Nigerian-Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Okoro Gets Flood Of Proposal On Twitter After Declaring She Is Single

Ghanaian-Nigerian actress Yvonne Okoro, has come out to quell a notion about dating women in the limelight.

On Tuesday, the actress who said she has been single for more than two years, took to her Twitter account to counter a notion that men are scared of her because she is in the limelight.

“I would say men are afraid to approach me, reason is there’s this misconception about women in the limelight:1woman=10men,this is a FALSEHOOD,” she wrote.

The tweet elicited several responses from men who used the opportunity to ask her out.

One of such fans was @lilmodulo, who tweeted at her, writing, “@yvonneokoro am not a superstar, just any ordinary man but will you accept my proposal. Don’t take in funny sense!” to which the actress responded, “So sweet but maybe next time.”

Another fan, @NYboateng, wrote, “Bringing my application letter,” to which Yvonne responded, “Pls no I beg.”

Continuing in another tweet, Yvonne wrote, “We are all not evil and we are all not surrounded by 100men at a time… It’s a really LONELY job we have and to trust som1 enuff to date#hard.”

In a follow-up tweet, the actress who won Ghana Movie Awards Best Actress Award in 2010 advised men who might be scared of her.

“So pls those men that are rattled by wat I said, dont be, it’s my experience, so please calm yourselves.”

5 thoughts on “Nigerian-Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Okoro Gets Flood Of Proposal After Declaring She Is Single

  1. At this stage of any woman’s life,a very wise and prudent someone will not allow herself to be guarded by mere flashy material things of the world, rather such woman wants to keep a simple eye and focus ultimately on the behavioral aspect of whoever wants be the prospective husband. I will urge the Ghanaian-Nigerian actress to beware of so many messages flooding her tweeter account as most of this guys sending those inveigle messages are wolfs in human clothing ready to cause her heart-break,pain and tears. She has to be wise so she won’t fall into the wrong hand.

  2. TRUE..ONE OF the actresses still behaving well…nonso diobi mr nollywood bachelor ..kindly go and grab this ur last chance o

  3. The blasted rubbish about being intimidated…? What are some of the qualities which make her different from many of us? The glorification of people on account of material gains is strictly rubbish.

  4. Dear Yvonne, thanks a million for your honesty, but there is one more thing you refused to tell us. First and for most the so called celebrities should come down from high horses, secondly, probably you have your age mates,I mean school boy friends who are not yet married find them and approach them. You can make them somebody from nobody. Is not all about intimidation but characters wise and the way you people mixed up your job as a lifestyle.Again and again African women should learn how to approach men hence there is equality these days so to say, if Mohammed do not go to Mountain then let mountain do otherwise.

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