7 Nigerian Herbs That Can Cure Coronavirus

nigerian herbs cure coronavirus

7 Nigerian Herbs That Can Cure Coronavirus

Here is the expanded list of the powerful Nigerian herbs that can help cure coronavirus.

Nigerian monarch Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi of Ile Ife who released these herbs yesterday urged researchers to consider using them in their clinical trials.

I put more effort into these herbs and here are my discoveries.

Fertility Tree , Tree Of Life Aka Boundary Tree

Ewe Akoko popularly called Fertility Leaf.
Yoruba Name – Ewe Akoko
Hausa Name: Aduruku
Igbo Name: Ogirisi
English Name: Tree Of Life

Botanical Name: Newbouldia Laevis

ewe akoko english tree of life

Ewe Akoko Aka Tree Of Life

Neem Leaf Aka Dogoyaro

English Name: Neem Leaf

Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica

Onion Aka Alubosa

English name: Alubosa

Igbo name: Yabasi

Hausa name: Albasa

Botanical Name: Allium cepa

Origisako Aka Blume

English Name: Forest anchomanes or Blume

Botanical Name: Anchomanes difformis

Forest anchomanes

Aridan Aka Prekese

Botanical Name: Tetrapleura tetraptera

aridan fruit tree
aridan fruit

Bitter Leaf – Ewuro

Botanical Name: Vernonia Amygdalina

bitter leaf

African Pepper Or Erinje

Also Called Guinea pepper
Botanical Name: Xylopia aethiopica

27 thoughts on “7 Nigerian Herbs That Can Cure Coronavirus

    • That will be considered overdose. The most potent is Bitter Leaf , Neem and tree of life.
      It is better you buy these from Agbo jedi seller. Don’t overdose or mix them together it can kill

      • Yes does things is working. And I will love Nigeria to be using it because is working oooo. That is what am using since am small

      • Yes does things is working. And I will love Nigeria to be using it because is working oooo. That is what am using since am small am very okay

      • This leaves as analyzed, can’t heal Corona Virus…
        Dogoyaro is an anti malaria,
        Butter leaves is for blood sugar and blood pressure,
        Onion also help blood speculation,..
        Although eaves like ‘ Dogoyaro,bitter leave , onion Avocados leave as mention, help somehow for bacteria and not virus.

        I conducted a perfect research on this new covid-19 and how it work…
        I divided the virus reaction into different sections;
        *Lost of breading (asthma) etc…
        I can up with a formula call the alpha-fluid…
        This fluid is in a form of syrup, 100% active for cough, 90% effective to asthma. This syrup content about 55% of anti virus substances.

        The second is a native concoction, with 95% effective in malaria and sneezing.
        I will be delightful to help on sharing my ideas for the treatment and well being of every affected nigerians.

        Do not call, sms only

      • Life is all about try and when you think this may not work it may work 💯 sure because if you cook this together and according the sciencetes they say hot water can cure it that from when you’re feeling something on your lunges so to my knowledge herb can’t kill if you drink if three times in a day it will flosh it away for one week constant drinking with prayers and believe…. because this ewuro, works for flosh , and dongoyaro works for fivar and alubosa works for lunges but I don’t know the other but to my own thinking this can work but God will be saving us all don’t let us over look this and I’m sure it can’t kill….

      • Mistletoe- an epiphyte found growing on trees like palm trees, guava,kolanut and moringa trees taking twice daily as a cup of tea can cure virtually all diseases because of it’s anti viral and immune booster ability. It’s an oxidant capable of destroying free radicals and cancerous cell.The variety growing on palm trees is best remedy here.
        How to prepare: The freshest leaves the better. Cut and wash in water. Infuse in hot water or boil as tea. Drink for a week the tea cup, morning and evening. Not recommended for pregnant women in trimester while half a tea cup is recommended for children. You can dry the leaves indoor to make as tea later as well.
        I have inspiration to share this. God is the best healer. I believe if pyto-theraphy (use of herbs) is research and developed in Africa, we effectively cure many so called incurable remedy.

      • All this is just a stressful way. I know a tangible Muslim cleric that can do it
        If you people know that. Health is wealthy
        Not call
        SMS only

    • Boil what together you want to kill yourself. Use any one you have with the advise of a doctor.

  1. In my little studies on covid-19, I came up with a two ways analytical findings (solutions) to help eliminate this ailment (covid-19) from Nigeria in totality.
    The first is called the alpha fluid. This is an anti virus therapy that provide almost 100% solution’s in the treatment of coughing, removal of body toxicant, and asthma (difficulties in breathing).
    The second therapy function to prevent body fever, sneezing, and joint pains etc. This two formulas are the most efficient in the treatment of covid-19.

    Health is well…
    SMS only to

  2. Chai. See how pipuls are commented. I can not remembers to me when pipuls was talk like this for this place. But just bicos Corona is a come and everybody is a fearing, everybody is talk for here. I am not fear o. All the things weyris write here is not fit cure Corona. Is only igbo weyris posibul to cure Corona. I am smoke igbo steady. I am not fear.

  3. All herbs he mentioned is very effection cook/drain 1 tumble can work best on empty stomach,u can use soupsop leaves but dont dry it using sun. Pls dont take dogoyaro more than 2 weeks its dangerous and trying to conceive dont use it. U can use warm lemon juice grind all both seed,body pls if u have ulcer dont take it. Frm oselu chinenye . (Oseluoriaogbuo natural clinic global.)

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