Nigerian Immigration Officer, Yemi Afolayan Arrested For Burning House Girl With Hot Iron

nigerian immigration officer arrested

June 19, 2013 – Nigerian Immigration Officer, Yemi Afolayan Arrested For Burning House Girl With Hot Iron

An official of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Kwara State Command, Mr. Yemi Afolayan, has been arrested for allegedly inflicting injuries on a 12-year-old girl, Favour Emmanuel.

Afolayan was also said to have allegedly tied and beaten up Emmanuel before inflicting the injuries on her neck and foot.
Our correspondent learnt on Tuesday that Favour was under the guardianship of Afolayan and his wife, who is popularly known as Iya Beji.

Emmanuel, whose mother resides in Lagos, told PUNCH Metro in Ilorin that Afolayan had asked her to prepare a meal for the family.
She said while she was preparing the meal, Afolayan felt that it had taken a long time for it to be ready and became angry.

Emmanuel said, “He asked me to prepare rice. While I was preparing it, he became angry that it had taken a long time for me to finish cooking the rice. He grabbed me, tied me up and used the hot iron to inflict injuries on my body. It was really a very tormenting experience.”

It was also learnt that Afolayan’s arrest was sequel to a report to the state Ministry of Women Affairs by some concerned neighbours.
The Director of Child Development, Kwara State Ministry of Women Affairs, Mrs. Lucy Adeniyi, said Favour sustained serious injuries on her neck and foot.
She added that the victim had been treated at the state Civil Service Hospital, Ilorin.

Our correspondent also learnt that Emmanuel was currently at the Children Reception Centre, Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin owned by the state government.
However, Afolayan, who is said to be a father of five, denied that he beat up and burned Emmanuel with hot iron.

He explained that he only scolded her, adding that she ran out of the house. He stated that she might have sustained the injuries while running away from him.
He said, “The girl was only being naughty. I am a father myself and I would not do that to any child. I wanted to scold her. Maybe when she was running out, she sustained the injuries but I didn’t burn her with a iron.”

But the state police command’s Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Olufemi Fabode, said the police would ensure that the suspect was brought to justice.
The Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs. Comfort Afolayan, urged parents and guardians to treat their children and wards with love.

She said, “The child is in our custody. We are taking care of her and we will take her back to her family. The act is very horrible. Such a treatment is not acceptable. This ministry will not relent on protecting the rights of children.”

[Culled from The Punch]

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  1. I’m sure d man wanted to slip wit d little girl and she refused.becos of food is d man married to d girl he is a wicked man and shuld be dealt wit.

  2. If the house girl should be cooking, what is the work of his wife? the man and his wife are very stupid. The law should take its place in his wickedness to the innocent girl. Rubish. SHHHHHH!

  3. Useless man,maybe he asked d gal 4 sex last nite,n she refused. So,he decided 2 ask her 2 cuk 4 him,so dt he’ll use d anger n deal wt her. Wad abt d wife? Is she a lazy type?

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  5. i no sure sey na food, something is behind it, the wife is there why must it be d gal? We should set sample with him

  6. I do not know why the law of Moses cannot be apply on some idiots like this idiot. NA should enact a law, whatever you do to smn will the same be done on you.

  7. I care less about what the young girl did to deserve such cruel,inhuman and degrading treatment.He should be taken to the hospital to ascertain the status of his head.if he is mentally stable,he should be sent to jail.such a person should not be allowed to live among people.

  8. Dat man MUST face d law wether he like it or nt, how can a father of 5 treat a little kid like dis Haba some ppl r crul nd heartless.

  9. Hmmmmm…. My pple dis s exactly wot patience ozokwa did t her house help not knowing da d girl s her daughter. Dis man shud ve wory d wif 4 fud not d house help. Anyway he ve smtn against dis girl in his mind.

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