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police inspector killed for refusing deployment

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Police Inspector Taiye Atobiloye Abandoned To Die For Rejecting Deployment

taye atobiloye

Nigerian Police Inspector Taiye Atobiloye Allegedly Abandoned To Die In Police Detention For Rejecting Deployment

On Friday, a tragic news broke about the death of Inspector Taiye Atobiloye, a police officer attached to the Oke Onigbin Police Division in Kwara State, Nigeria. The news of his death has since sparked a lot of outrage and raised questions about the level of care that the police force provides for its personnel.

The circumstances surrounding Inspector Atobiloye’s death are deeply saddening. After serving for 22 years, he was scheduled to be deployed to the Zone 8 Police Command in Lokoja, Kogi State, but the inspector was hesitant to make the move due to medical reasons. Inspector Atobiloye had previously been involved in an accident that left him with a crushed leg, and he had been hospitalised and treated at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. His leg injury and medical reports were cited as reasons why he was unfit for the special assignment.

According to Inspector Atobiloye’s wife, Oluwabukola, he was pressured by senior officers to accept the deployment, and after raising enough funds, he travelled to Lokoja on Easter Monday with copies of his medical reports to appeal for a reversal of the deployment. While in Lokoja, he was detained at ‘D’ Division police station for absence from duty without permission. After a few days of detention, his family received information that he was in critical condition, and despite their efforts to reach him, they were unable to get any information about his condition. He was declared dead a few days later.

police inspector killed for refusing deployment

His wife alleges that he was tortured to death by the police, and that they collected a lot of money from him before detaining him. The police have not yet released an official statement on the cause of his death, but there are fears that he was not given adequate medical attention while in detention.

The death of Inspector Atobiloye has prompted outrage and calls for justice from Nigerians, with many questioning the welfare and care of police officers in the country. The police force has been criticized for not taking proper care of its personnel and for subjecting them to inhumane treatment.

This tragic incident highlights the need for better care and treatment of police officers in Nigeria. The police force needs to ensure that its personnel are given proper medical attention when needed, and that they are not subjected to inhumane treatment while in detention. It is also important that the government takes the welfare of police officers seriously and provides them with adequate resources to perform their duties effectively.

The death of Inspector Atobiloye is a sad reminder of the risks and challenges faced by police officers in Nigeria, and it is important that the government takes steps to ensure that they are protected and provided for. It is also important for the police force to ensure that justice is served in this case, and that those responsible for his death are held accountable.

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