Nigerian Police Recruitment 2013: 3rd Class Degree & SSCE Holders Disqualified

nigerian police recruitment 2013

Dec 18, 2012 – Nigerian Police Recruitment 2013: 3rd Class Degree & SSCE Holders Disqualified

Police Service Commission says holders of Secondary School Certificate would no longer be accepted into the Nigeria Police Force as constables.

It said the minimum entry requirement now was Ordinary National Diploma.

The commission also stated that Third Class degree holders were no longer accepted as Cadet Inspectors, in line with the reform in the force.

PSC Commissioner and Chairman, Public Affairs Committee of the commission, Ms. Comfort Obi, who stated this at a news conference in Abuja on Monday, explained that the commission had reviewed the recruitment process into the police.

According to her, the PSC has over the years formulated policies aimed at the efficiency and discipline of the police force, adding that background checks are now carried out on applicants to separate bad eggs and discourage people of shady characters from joining the police.

Obi stated that polygraph tests were also carried out on applicants to determine drug users, alcoholics and liars that could tarnish the image of the force.

She said, “The mechanism put in place by the commission is in line with police regulations to ensure that bad eggs don’t find their way into the force. We are focusing on the recruitment process and have raised the minimum entry requirements.

“SSCE holders can no longer join the police as constables; even a third class degree holder cannot join the Cadet Inspector cadre. The minimum qualification for a constable is OND and it must include six credit passes in SSCE including Credit pass in English and Mathematics.”

The PSC Commissioner in charge of Strategy, Dr. Otive Igbuzor, explained that written examinations had been introduced for applicants, adding that promotions in the force were based on merit.

He explained that 599 cases of indiscipline were treated between 2008 and 2011. He said 94 officers were compulsorily retired, and a number of others were sanctioned for various offences. [Punch]

103 thoughts on “Nigerian Police Recruitment 2013: 3rd Class Degree & SSCE Holders Disqualified

  1. Infact is a welcome idea which can bring back the good image of Nigeria police by making the proper screaning to make best among people but welfare have to put in to consideration first.
    To whom much is expected much are to be given, thank u.

  2. Firstly,let me use this medium to thank the management for have come with this idea. Honestly, it is a good and a welcomed development. Yes, it will help to sanitise the force and at the same time make the applicant to be serious minded. Well, I will not default to commend on the people that have Third class. Third class doesn’t make some one irresponsible rather, it could as a result of challenges. I suggest that it should be looked critically and be considerate. It will be for the benefit of all Nigerians. Thank you.

  3. this is a welcoming idea but those ppls with class should be consider bcus it cannot be use to determine som1 character or ability to comply with the authority of that command or org.

  4. the idea is gud so dat our yourth will be serious in their education. But what about the young yourth dat is seriously 2 serve nigerianpolice ? They have 2 do smtin ova it . D problem of nigerianpolice is godfather without checking d mention and character of d person.

  5. i really like the idea by recruiting third class cert,please i want to knw if this form is currently on sale nw,because i purchase this form and also followed alt procedures bt i took my form to our headquater oe police they told me that they havnt gotten any signal from abuja. My question nw is that this polilce form online nw is it a scam?

  6. Why are they doing this? They want to increase level of unemployment in the country, it doesn’t make sence. Some people hope to help themselves with this job as well as serving their country. Please reconsider these things.

  7. my name is Egbusinwa chinedu. I read philosophy n i hav d interest of our nations security at heart n dats y i wana join d NPF. Pls i wld want 2 b informd wen d form is out n wia xacty 2 get it. Tanx

  8. Very gud idea but i want the management to think of this very wel,because meny guyz as wanted to join the NPF and they have SSCE result but they want to serve their country by been one of the NPF and they did nt have capacity to further in their education what did u want them to do?i want to apply when the form is out inform me. That idea may increase unwanted gangz in the town and the we be the one faceing police even kill police menz.

  9. I am very happy for what the service commission introduced. But, what of those that does not have Godfather and they have the qualification, would they still make it? i mean second class upper and lower degrees and some even have masters degree and yet, they are still pressing on but no recommendation from the Force. what will you do about such class of people in the Force?

  10. Mr. I. G you should no that some 3rd class degree or pass degree are better th 1st class degree.

    • very bad idea…… corruption have no business with education. educational grade does not tell about a man’s abilities. ……reconsider your decision

  11. The NPF screening committee have to do something concerning people that have 3rd class because exam is not the through test of knowledge.

  12. Is very good idea, bt make sure the bail is free as u said every time am telng u til nw in nigeria bail is nt yet free

  13. Yea! That’s a brilliant thought but, d issue wt 3rd class holder shd pls b redressed bcoz cert. Isn’t d test 4 commitment & responsibility

  14. This is outrageous. I can’t believe this is happening in a country with shocking high rate of unemployment. SSCE & 3rd class holders should be pondered. This is a country where sometimes you see someone who have 3rd class more proficient than someone with 1st class. You people should be more considerate because there are so many people out there who are SSCE holders with no one to sponsor them for higher education and are willing to serve this Nation through the NPF-i mean people who are patriotic and put integrity first in whatever they do.

  15. Pls u pple shld consider the third class and Lower credit none of them are easy to achieve from any of d schls

    • it gud idea to our pple cos wil r lack of education please if the form is out inform. Me pls 07065452956

  16. I have no problem wit ur advice 2 d commission is dat both d third class,second class upper and lower and first class holders should be subjected 2 an aptitude test,den u would knw those dat ar qualify 2 join d force.Thank u!

    • Its good ideal,but there are some people with SSCE,that are much better than someone with first class degree,am an ND holder,please i wish to serve my great country nigeria,please notisfy me when the form is out for sell for 2014 cruitment,please you can call me or send me a message,08133137526 or 08189265126,thanks

  17. Somebody can easily go and buy good grade certificate . What can you say about that mr IG. Why do you people find favour in the so-called certificates in ngieria than merit?? Knowing full well that one stupid lecturer somewhere can swear to his fucking death that a particular student will not graduate and after all said and done, finally push him out with “LET MY PEOPLE GO” certificate. 3rd class is not evil as long as one cvan defend it.. NAAAIIIIIJJJJJAAAA

  18. 6credits out of 9subject, why not 5credits. I think the most important thing is that they shoul recruit base on merit and not money 4 hand back 4 ground recruits.

  19. really am a very happy person on this decission that psc and d IG,have take in Nigeria police Force,on entry level.however police recruitment is always generally announce to a public,but at d end of d day,d sucessiful one u can not even see their face during secrining exercise,i pray that can us perfect enlistment,tanx i love u all.

  20. It is all well even in d well. But try & get more in4mations on d most successful dignitaries in Nigeria, they’re mostly those dat have been looked down upon. An example is one of d world best known & recognised, wit due respect (Prof. Wole Soyinka). Infact failure has notin 2 do wit seriousness neither success has anytin 2 do wit school grades. Meanwhile what of if a 3rd class student has another supplimentary cert like PGD or even Masters 2 compliment his/her certificate? Pls i need your response.

  21. The problem with nigeria police isnt with school cert holders & 3rd class degree holders. Some OND/ 1ST CLASS HOLDERS are more dangerous & corrupt. NPF should tell themselves the truth. The way to reform police is by investigating every applicant b4 recruiting them & to monitor regularly after recruitment.

  22. I dont know who gave NPF this idea against ssce/third class degree holders. The military, civil defence and other security agencies recruit ssce holders yet they are not corupt. Its very bad to pursue shadow rather than image.

  23. It’s a gd idea, but d best one would be dat:
    holders of SSCE & 3RD-CLASS (HONS.) should also be considered bcos it’ll:

    1: reduce d level of unemployment.

    2: reduce forgery of certs, tertiary bribery & give rise 2 fairness & transparency.

    3:stop get it @all cost syndrom.

    As long as u can defend ur cert, Y not? Afterall, every one won’t occupy d same position; I think what d IG shd consider is dat:
    there’re some ssce holders dt are more intelligent dan d so called 1st& 2nd-class holders(appologies) bt do nt have what it takes 2 further their education 2 tertiary level

    & many brilliant 3rdies who went thru alot of challenges while in sch
    as a result,
    bagged 3rd class (hons);
    shld they kill themselves?

    Joke: he who scored zero is also brilliant too, just dat where he read wasn’t tested in d exam.


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