Nigerian Prophet Predicts More Boko Haram Attacks “President Jonathan Knows Their Sponsors”

nigerian prophet boko haram attacks

April 17, 2014 – Nigerian Prophet Predicts More Boko Haram Attacks “President Jonathan Knows Their Sponsors”

….Super Eagles Will Not Get To The Semi Final

Prophet Ayodele Elijah, the founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church in Oke Afa, Isolo area of Lagos State Nigeria has predicted more bomb explosion attacks on the nation.

In this recent interview with Oluwole Adeboye, hear what the prophet said:

You predicted the bomb explosion in Abuja and it came to pass. What can we do to avert more of these ugly incidents?

There are moles in the Presidency, the Senate, House Of Representatives, SSS, Nigeria Police Force, the Army, Air Force and the Navy who give information to these terrorists and President Goodluck Jonathan knows them too well but he is afraid to face them because of his second term ambition to rule the country. These people are also targeting shopping malls and markets.

Can’t prayers solve the menace of Boko Haram?

Why not? With prayers these problems could be solved but our leaders have soiled their hands in evil acts. Most of them derive joy in seeing blood. If Jonathan comes back 100 times to rule this country, he won’t be able to solve the problems. He does not listen to the voice of God, flattery and deceit are good music to him. When you praise him he is always happy. Most of the pastors he goes to are afraid to tell him the truth. There is red signal all over the country.

What is your assessment of the ongoing confab?

The confab will speak the mind of the people but the government will not make use of the recommendations.

What are your views on the prevailing political situation?

The leadership of All Progressives Congress are not ripe for the presidency. APC members will defect to the PDP before the 2015 elections and if APC refuses to give Muhammadu Buhari the ticket to contest the presidency he will quit. And there will be no election in some states.

The Minister Of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Allison-Maduekwe will face probes and challenges. All governors should pray so as not to lose four of their own to the cold hands of death.

We have not prayed enough, security intelligence does not recognise prophecy, bloodletting will continue.

On the abducted students, they will come out unhurt. On Nollywood, actors and actresses must pray against death. On the Lagos Ibadan expressway, prayers should be made to avert accidents which could claim scores of lives

As the World Cup kicks off in June in Brazil, can the Super Eagle win the cup?

They will try but they won’t get to the semi-final. Coach Stephen Keshi will quit coaching the Super Eagles after the World Cup. The Nigeria Football Supporters Club will have serious problems to contend with.

What can you say about the missing Malaysian aircraft?

The Malaysian government should be held responsible because they know its whereabouts.

13 thoughts on “Nigerian Prophet Predicts More Boko Haram Attacks “President Jonathan Knows Their Sponsors”

  1. I think the man is saying nothing but d truth
    Jonathan is fully aware of the cabal in his administration but fear has left him powerless

  2. I really don’t know what is it with all ye prophets of doom. You all should stop saying what God has not told you, cos I don’t eva remember where God is the author of confusion. Duh…

  3. Mechanic hav made us nt 2 knw d real mad pple, hw do we knw d 2ru prophet i cud rememba d AFCON dat supa eagls won last yr, it was also predictd by nt only 2 or 3 prophets bt many of dem dat supa eagls wunt make it bt at d end dey made it nd all d prophet bcam dumb. Abeg only God knws

  4. I think he sees through the powers he believes in.Please we need a solution not prediction.We don’t want our dear brothers and sisters to die any more.Good people of Nigeria must live in unity.Boko Haram your days are numbered.Remember the holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW)do not perform Jihad this way.If u continue this way Hell Fire will be your final abode.The holy Prophet preached that we should seek for knowledge,former education is not the problem,but thirst for power.your leaders are your problem.please surrender your arms in the name of ALLAH if you are true believers.D holy Qur’an will put u all to shame.The holy prophet said unto you your religion and unto me my religion.BUT WHY THE KILLING OF INNOCENT SOULS.

  5. If what u said is true that jonathan known what is going on about boko Harram and their sponsors and he is doing nothing about it and they continue to kill themselves in the north then who is foolish?


  6. The man of God has spoken the truth,GEJ knows the Boko Haram sponsor,but he is waiting for the second term,once he can be re-elected,you will see the true color of GEJ,he most of the devilish leaders will spend the rest of their life in jail,just watch out and continue with the prayer relentlessly.

  7. Oh please people, there is nothing the “prophet” has said that’s beyound ordinary. Save us from all these prophets who use predictions to earn popularity. Man of God, stop predicting the evil things. Why not find a solution and come and predict. It’s no news that Jonathan wants a second terrm. So what?? He’s a stupid president bt dt shouldn’t make him d bad guy na. Let the prophet come back to predict solutions and then I will gladly listen.

  8. Almighty God’ll definately jugde this so called prophet, either real or not… All we need is to thank God for what is about to do concerning this Great Nation Nigeria, its impossible for darkness to overcome light, never. Lord I’m strongly believe in you. God Bless Nigeria

  9. What is the excess of prophesying when you you can not hear the solution from God. MY bible made me to know That ” who shall we believe his report,the bible went further and said the report of God Almighty succeeds all other reports. So Mr.false prophet listen, your prophesy is not from God therefore I don’t believe your report and it will not come to pass.

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