Nigerian Prostitute Runs Mad, Strips Self Naked After Client Drugged Her In Malaysian Hotel

nigerian prostitute runs mad malaysia

May 11, 2017 – Nigerian Prostitute Runs Mad, Strips Self Naked After She Was Drugged By Client In A Malaysian Hotel

Forget the viral story of an alleged Nigerian prostitute that broke yesterday.

A Nigerian guy in Malaysian just sent NG the true version of the pathetic story.

The lady who stripped herself naked in the viral video uploaded to liveleak on Tuesday the 9th of May 2017 was said to have been drugged by one of her clients (fellow Nigerian) in a Malaysian hotel.

While under the influence of the drug, the lady simply identified as Osaro allegedly stripped herself naked, abandoned her belongings and stormed out of the hotel naked.

At a point, she spread her legs wide open while a Nigerian guy tried all his effort to pull her out of the public but the more he tried to help, the more wild she became.

She was abandoned by the guy who tried to help her and was seen walking stark naked on the streets of Malaysia as some people poked fun at her.

12 thoughts on “Nigerian Prostitute Runs Mad, Strips Self Naked After Client Drugged Her In Malaysian Hotel

  1. Nigerians embarrassing Nigeria all over the country, is time Edo and Delta girls should stop going abroad for prostitution,what are their Governors doing about this rubbish business, is that why oshomole didn’t marry Edo woman.

    • Your *****if you’ve got one. Why do you think is only edo or delta girls that are engage in prostitution ****.

  2. Even murdering these girls in those hardline countries isn’t enough to discourage them from prostitution? Nigerians, I hail thee.

  3. Let us stop judging people we don’t know their storie, and rather feel empathy and sorry for our fellow human being. GOD IS GOD.

  4. so this boy you went to Maly to do this thing i have warn you before to stop all this your ever life style you just have to remain in malysian because if you come to Nigeria i will jail you that your penis i promise you i will caught .

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