Nigerian Singer Asa Reveals White Boyfriend [PHOTO]

asa white boyfriend

April 24, 2015 – Nigerian Singer Asa Reveals White Boyfriend [PHOTO]

In an exclusive chat with Toolz few weeks ago, singer Asa revealed that she has found love.

When asked if her new boyfriend is a Nigerian, Asa said no.

She recently took to IG to share the back side of her mystery lover.

Asa said her new single ‘How did love find me?’ was inspired by the lucky guy.

13 thoughts on “Nigerian Singer Asa Reveals White Boyfriend [PHOTO]

  1. Either black or white, it does’nt matter if there is love, so if she’s happy with it, so am i, no matter what, i won’t stop loving her, i mean love like my best musician, lol.

  2. every body gart choices, maybe she has found her choice, so let no one put asunder, but i just wish to get to meet ASA for my album music, dont know how to reach her, can someone help me please…..

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