Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey Is Dead: The Ex-BBA Star Died On Valentine’s Day Night In Lagos

is goldie harvey dead

Feb 14, 2013 – Is Goldie Harvey Dead: Former Big Brother Africa, BBA Star, Nigerian Singer Died On Valentine’s Day Night

Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey Is Dead: The Ex-BBA Star Died On Valentine’s Day Night In Lagos

While we are rounding up our Valentine’s day celebration in Nigeria tonight, sad news of the sudden death of a Nigerian music star and former BBA star, Goldie Harvey has surfaced.

Is Goldie Dead? Yes singer Goldie harvey has passed away tonight at a private hospital in Victoria Island Lagos.

According to a close friend who is currently not in the best of mood to speak at length, Goldie Harvey arrived Nigeria from the United States of America in good spirit and after a couple of chit chat, she complained of minor headache, she was rushed to Reddington hospital in Victoria Island were doctors attended to her normally.

We learnt all of a sudden her condition worsens and doctors were called in to attend to her. She was put on emergency life support but she didn’t survive the apparent spiritual attack that eventually killed her today.

A source who sent us the notification tonight said Goldie died of an apparent spiritual attack which came in form of high blood pressure that resulted in severe migraine.

Goldie Harvey death has brought valentine’s day celebration among Nigerian celebrities to a sad end tonight.

Condolences have started pouring in tonight.

Funke Akindele, Banky W, Don Jazzy, Goldie Harvey management company and many others celebrities are currently up and sharing their pains and sorrow over Twitter and Facebook.

Below are few of the condolences pouring in on Goldie harvey’s death

RIP Goldie!can’t 4get how we both laughed when I sang skibobo& ur last tweet2 me telling me how much u appreciate my love 4 ur song.Sunre o!

Banky Wellington Banky Wellington ‏@BankyW My Goodness… i Just heard some terrible news.. RIP Goldie Harvey… wow. Lord bless her soul & have mercy on us all. :

Kola Aina:Life is short and fleeting. Thank God for every moment. Discover you life’s purpose and live it. RIP Goldie.

Toyin lawani/Rip goldie may ur soul rest in peace ds is just too sad
Bobby Taylor: Today is a sad day in the entertainment industry. We had the pleasure of working with her and she was nothing but talented. RIP #Goldie

When people ask is this a joke I wonder, who jokes about\with death? Well, no me!! It’s #Sad but true #RIP Goldie

For the first time in a long time, I’m moved by death. RIP Goldie. This hurts deep”

“My real name is Bimpe Filani” – First words she ever said to me. RIP Goldie. What a life. What an exit.

RIP Goldie harvey….. Kai dis life is short. God help us all ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )”

All these RIP Goldie! Why not chill and be sure, why are you guys in a hurry to declare others dead? What if it’s not true? Please relax oo.

Life is but a dream. So delicate. RIP GOLDIE! I can still remember the last time I saw you. *sigh*

i had a goldfish once, it died and i had a funeral at the toulet bowl. RIP goldie

RIP Goldie. You were the best dog ever and made my brother happy. I love you. <3

RIP Goldie, the Golden Nugget, the faithful explorer. Many good road trips and memories the last 6 years!
RIP, Goldie. Now to find your replacement cuz Emily is going to FREAK out tomorrow morning when she wakes up and you are missing.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

70 thoughts on “Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey Is Dead: The Ex-BBA Star Died On Valentine’s Day Night In Lagos

  1. Respect & much luv 2u, GOLDIE. We love u bt GOD loves u most. R.I.P Infact d muzic industry has lost an ICON xxx

  2. I also lost a friend i love so much cos i just heard of her death and now one of my stars is dead.goldie harvey is dead! Wat a sad valentine for nigerians.R:I:P gurllll!

  3. Its very shocking,but RIP Goldie,I like that your music skibo alot,well there is nothing we can do about death,May almighty ALLAH protect us all,Amin

  4. life is for rent, when ur rent is due, u pack ur bag and leave the world, i use to have a crush for goldie, now she is gone, hoping to meet in heaven. may her soul rest in peace. just to sad.

  5. It so shocking, the news of her death is strange but then death is always a shock, let us learn to live each day of our life’s as if it were the last day we spent on earth. heaven and earth is real. Salvation is eminent

  6. Its so sad. May her soul rest in peace. Everything in life is worthless, everything is vanity, we can not go to heaven with everything we have on earth, but everything we have, lets do it to glorify God alimighty.
    May the good lord keep the rest of us all.

  7. i can’t believe we’ve lost another icon in the industry such is life …Goldie i wanted to tell you one day that your my star we will forget you we love you to the call..*sad mood*..:*

  8. GOLDIE !!! RIP we love Ʊ but Jesus loves Ʊ most, rest I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace ,till T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ day we’ll meet @ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ feet of christ SUN RE OOOO

  9. Wow i can’t believe she’s gone god forgive her for her sin may her soul rest in perfect peace and god stay with her parent and also her record label and i pray the nigeria music industry clap your image every R .I. P GOLDIE

  10. Am so sad abt dis bt wat is really happenin to Nigeria Entertainment Industry? God pls we kwn we are sinners bt pls take away untimely death frm us in Jesus name (Amen). R.I.P Damsel may God bless ur soul. Let us all recognise God in our lifes cos he’s d Autor n d Finisher of our soul.

  11. Goldie u are lyk a sister frm anoda moda though u dont knw me but i want to say i love u so much it really hurt me wen i saw it on facebook nd quickly rush to google it if it was tru. R I P goldie i love u.

  12. What a big lost to a wonderful talented singer GOLDIE HARVEY, can’t forget the last time I saw her in S•A when she was shooting her video. God, this to bad men. Rest in perfect peace sister. Love u, but GOd loves u more

  13. Iv bin shock al day…rmber wn i saw hr 1ce she ws xo ful of of a suddn she’s dead.sumthn is dfnately wrng eyes r rily heavy.i’l mis u swt.wat a gr8 loss of a beautiful damsel.cryn

  14. dey av started dis year o.. Usin d blood of d talented ones 4 dia evil works.. First it was dagrin, den cd John, nw its goldie.. Innocent blood evrywhere. God will harvest dia generation frm our land. R.I.P Goldie.. Cnt 4get ur last hit #skibobo

  15. Waoo like seruisly dis is a grate loss. Goldie I rili do love ur song. I feel so terrible that u are dead. RIP

  16. After skibobo, i was anxiously expecting anoda hit track nw it came as ur death news. We’l remember u every lovas day. Bye Goldie Harvey…

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